Important tourist advice before visiting China

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China is a country rich in adventure and excitement. It is a country of civilization, myths and historical battles, as its history is filled with multiple chapters of human life.

In our modern era, China is the largest industrial power in the world and has competed with the western world in economic control, but it is still in many provinces that maintain their heritage and identity.

For those looking for pleasure throughout China in pursuit of legendary adventures in the country of rice, myths of dragon, fire and the largest wall in human history, here are the most important tips before heading there ..

Make a plan in advance

China is a huge country with a huge area, and every province differs from the others in nature, weather and customs, and it may take months to wander between them.

So you have to make a pre-plan to visit specific regions and landmarks in China and schedule time on this basis to ensure the maximum benefit and enjoyment of the trip.

Vaccinations and vaccines

Know the areas that you will visit and determine enough information about diseases that may be prevalent in some sectors of China, which is due to its vast area, climate diversity and high population.

Often if you plan to visit the Chinese countryside and rice fields, doctors recommend eating hepatitis and yellow fever vaccines.

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Learn Chinese words

Most of the Chinese people do not speak English so you may have difficulty understanding with others or trying to get road specific information or commodity prices.

So, before going to China, you should start learning some Chinese phrases that are sufficient for dealing and understanding, which is not difficult according to the fans of visiting China.

Currencies and Bargaining Art

China is a somewhat strange country in offering commodity prices. If you are not fluent in bargaining or aware of the difference in currency rates, you may be cheated or spend too much money.

Before heading to China, you should know the real prices of the Chinese yuan currency and compare them with your local currency, and it is always preferable to have Chinese currencies with you if you want real shopping.

Avoid counterfeiters

Counterfeiting is widespread anywhere in the world, but it is noticeable in China, especially in commercial areas.

So avoid those strangers who offer to offer help with loose fruits when only large classes of cash are available with you, as these are in agreement with the seller who refuses your money and you have to turn to them for loose or exchange currency.

You must exchange currencies into the Chinese currency before traveling or at the hotel and not outside it, and be sure to have the loose coins in different categories.

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Do not move from your location without maps of the city you are in. They are sold in all hotels at a low price, but they will help you if you get lost and lose the ability to communicate with the taxi driver in the Chinese language.

Choose the time of the visit

Experts advise visiting China in the fall or spring where the weather is mild in most parts of China, but it is not enough to rely on that and you should review the weather of the cities that you will go to before traveling in order not to lose your flight due to rain.

Try new things

China is a country of wonders, so avoid making your visit traditional and boring. You did not go to China to sit at a Western café and have French coffee, but rather to start and discover.

Experts advise you to give up taxi, biking and trains to discover the picturesque regions of China and learn about its culture.

And watch out for Chinese food!

Chinese food in Arab countries differs from real Chinese food in some Chinese provinces and among the local people, when it is presented to the Arabs it is synthesized in ways that suit our identity and the taste we prefer.

So if you love Chinese food in your country, do not trust much in your ability to eat any local Chinese food in China. Some dishes are prepared in ways that do not suit you or with foreign ingredients on your culture that may cause digestive or health problems impeding your trip.

The key here is to search online for these dishes and how to prepare them traditionally to find out if they are suitable or not.

And don’t forget to take many beautiful pictures in China!

Important tourist advice before visiting China - Important tourist advice before visiting China
The beauty of nature in China

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Important advice before visiting China

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Great Wall of China

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Learn about the civilization of China


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