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The Water Museum

Lisbon is home to the largest indoor fish tank in the European continent, and this basin is located in Paras das Nações, and this building is characterized by its unique beauty as it is a large central reservoir in a circular way, and is home to many different marine species all over the world, and is provided for visitors An opportunity to see amazing views.

Jardim Zoologico Park

Jardim Zoológico Park with the slogan (Traveling around the world without leaving Lisbon) is one of the best tourist places in Lisbon, as the park provides an opportunity to wander in the middle of nature, and it is one of the wonderful family tourist places, and includes a group of exotic and local animal species And it takes a full day to explore this park.

Calouste Gulbenkian Museum

The Calouste Gulbenkian Museum represents one of the great artistic places in the European continent, and it is one of the unique attractions in Lisbon, as it mixes ancient and contemporary historical art, and contains many art and antiquities belonging to ancient Egyptian and Greek civilizations. And Romenian, the construction of the museum took more than forty years, and includes at the present time a temporary exhibition of Portuguese artist Jose de Almeida.

Belem Tower

The Tower of Belém is one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites, and it includes a narrow spiral staircase that connects to the tower, and provides a wonderful view of the Belem River, which is one of the most attractive places in the country. This distinctive design was designed by Francisco de Aruda: to defend the city’s port in 1515 CE.

Other tourist places in Lisbon

Lisbon includes many tourist attractions, including the following:

  • The cathedrals and churches, which have distinctive Gothic architectural designs, including:
    • The Lisbon Cathedral is the oldest church in the city.
    • The Church of Santa Engrácia is famous for its Renaissance dome and monasteries with blue ceramic tiles.
    • Sainte-Roque Church (Igreja de São Roque) and São Vicente de Fora Monastery.
  • The Palaces: The Lisbon Palaces are distinguished by their wonderful interiors, the most famous of which are the Ajuda Palace, the Marquise Frontera Palace, and the Belem Palace.
  • Castles: It is the São George Castle, and this castle contains large gardens, and a lot of buildings.
  • The memorial, represented by the monument of discoveries that was built as a temporary beacon, is a tribute to the era of discoveries in the country, in addition to 33 personal sculptures on the slopes, which immortalize Portugal in the fourteenth century.
  • The Trade Square (Praça do Comércio), which is one of the amazing places in Lisbon, as its paths date back to the eighteenth century, and it features a yellow façade paved with mosaics, and this field is considered a gateway to Lisbon filled with activity and movement.

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