Traveling to Spain

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Traveling to Spain

Throughout the ages, Spain has been subjected to a number of attacks and conquest invasions, which helped to diversify the prevailing culture and civilization in its various regions. This diversity led to Spain’s concentration in the top countries that attract travelers and visitors, as it is ranked third among the countries of the world, and attracts Catalonia and the Balearic Islands The largest of the visitors to Spain followed by the Canary Islands and Andalusia, and the interest of the Spaniards in the effects left by the Arabs in the region of Andalusia and their preservation contributed to making it one of the most important archaeological areas in Spain.

If there is a desire to travel to Spain, there are some things to know before traveling there, in order to facilitate the trip and its course.

Linguistic diversity

Although the Spanish language is officially recognized by the Spanish government and government departments in various regions of Spain, some regions use their mother tongue in various life transactions, as the Catalan language is spread among the population of Catalonia, and the Galician language among the population of Galicia, in addition to languages Diffused in some other areas.


Spain covers a large number of highways linking its various cities and coastal areas, in addition to a wide network of express trains that are the main nerve of transportation between the different cities of Spain, and the first destination used for the transportation of the Spanish people, while the airports are distributed in various major Spanish cities, and expand Airlines to include all regions of the world.


The system operating in cell phones in the Spanish regions is limited to the GSM system, and the mobile device can be activated by connecting it to a prepaid chip from one of the Spanish telecom companies, where these chips are available at reasonable and appropriate prices, and one of the most famous communication companies in Spain is Vodafone, Spain and BT Mobile , And the Spanish Orange.

the climate

Spain is subject to three different types of climate, with a dry and temperate climate prevalent in most Spanish cities, while the semi-arid and oceanic climate prevails in the southeastern regions of Spain.


Football is the most popular and popular sport in Spain, as it occupies a wide place in the life of the Spanish individual, and most souvenirs available in most tourist areas in Spain will be directly or sub-linked to football, due to Spain receiving a large number of football fans Those wishing to follow different Spanish leagues, which are organized annually and include a number of the most famous teams in the world in this field.


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