Indonesian island of Lombok

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Indonesian island of Lombok

Lombok Island is one of the islands located in the western side of Indonesia’s Nusa Tenggara, and this island forms an important part of the chain of islands known as the Sunda Lesser. The island has an area of ​​approximately 4,725 km2. The island contains the city of Mataram, the capital. The little one known as Jelly.

Advantages of Lombok Island

This island is characterized by being the most famous and popular destination in the Nusa Tenggara region, and this may be due to the existence of the distinctive Gili Islands which many people either visit as tourists or who work in it.

The island contains many distinguished cities such as Lombok, and many daily trips are held on the island to the various archaeological and touristic places in it, which are characterized by its green natural scenery.

Many agricultural crops are cultivated on this island, especially rice. This crop is considered the most important crop on this island. There are also many important crops such as tobacco, coconuts, coffee, cotton, kapok, cloves, vanilla, pineapple, pepper, and many others From other crops.

This island is inhabited by the indigenous Sasak people, and their proportion is approximately 90% of the total population, and most of the population are Muslims who have a distinctive culture of their own, and there are some minorities of the Hindu population on this island as well, and this island can be reached by using the ferry that Transfer passengers from Bali.

Tourism in Lombok

Perhaps the main goal of this island is tourism, in this island there are many interesting places that attract tourists to it, and it has many charming beaches, especially the pink Lombok beach, and the sandy beach, and it also has many shops that provide all handicrafts and jewelry that are made Using pearls is also the best place for pearl lovers.

Islands surrounding Lombok Island

This island is surrounded by many islands, the most important of which are the Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air from the northwest. It is surrounded by Nango Islands, Sudak Island, Tang Hong Island, Boh, Genting Island, Lunter Island, Layer Island, Amben Island, and Island Gede, Anyaran Island, Layer Island, and Asahan Island from the southwestern side.

It is also surrounded by the island of Sarolit, Sarang Island, Burung, Kawu, Puyuh, Nanggu, and Trawangan Island from the south side, and there are many islands in the southeastern side to it which are Andah, Merengke, and Belek, and is surrounded by many islands in the northeastern side, the most important of which is Wang , Sulat, Pentangan, Pasaran, Lampu, Pu Yu, Sulat, Nambung Beach.


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