Information about the color run race and its new conditions

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color run is an exciting and distinctive race that allows the participants to run the challenge of running for a distance of 5 meters while enjoying the descent of randomly colored dyes made from safe materials on the white t-shirt; Quality of life, and one of the most prominent of these matters is the importance of healthy food and exercise in promoting public health. You can learn more information about the reasons for the race’s success and its success by reading the current article prepared for you by Arab travelers.

About run color run

  • It started its organization in 2011.
  • Each of the participants runs for a distance of 5 km.
  • Each of the participants is wearing a white T-shirt.
  • Colorful materials are randomly placed on the participants ’clothes.
  • More than 1,000 races were organized in more than 40 countries.
  • The aim of its organization is to enable participants to spend as much time as possible, and to experiment with running a great distance; in addition to contributing to stimulating healthy habits, and highlighting many vital health issues.
  • It has no winner, so there is no competition and focus on enjoying the company of others and running.
  • There is no set time to finish the race; the only important thing is to run the entire distance.
  • It is available to participate in for people of all groups even if they are not used to running or practicing any kind of sports activities.
  • Named the happiest race 5 km.
  • Millions of people have participated in it so far, and the turnout is increasing.
  • It contributes to developing awareness about many important matters such as the importance of enjoying physical fitness, following healthy eating habits, and maintaining a healthy weight.
  • Encourage large numbers of students to exercise.
  • He succeeded in collecting donations worth more than $ 5 million to date, in cooperation with a large number of charitable institutions in many countries.
  • Organizing a race is available for any group of at least 15 people, whether they are family, friends or colleagues.
  • The volunteers receive to participate in organizing the race, and the first step to volunteer is to communicate with the race organizers via WhatsApp number or any of the social media pages of the official website.
  • The organizers can contact him at the following WhatsApp number: +966545647522. It is important to note here that the response to the messages will be during the period between Sunday and Thursday from 10 am to 8 pm.

Conditions for participation in the race

The conditions for participation in the race are to sign the existing document as a pdf in the article sources, which includes acknowledging the absence of a medical report that prevents participation from the race, in addition to agreeing to allow the organizers of the race to use all kinds of images, sound recordings and video recordings that are recorded in the race for any Of marketing purposes. It is worth noting that the acknowledgment includes disclaiming the event organizers of any bodily harm that may occur as a result of participating in the race, and exempting them from any responsibility for the loss of any property during the race; in the case of persons younger than 21 years, the guardian must sign the document before it is completed. Allow participation in the race.
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