Islands of Turkey

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Islands of Turkey

Turkey is one of the countries in the Middle East, officially known as the Turkish Republic, and its capital is the city of Ankara, and Istanbul is one of its largest cities, with a land area of ​​783.563 km2, and a population of more than seventy six million people, and the system of government in it is republican, constitutional, parliamentary Central, where the legislative authority is in the hands of the Turkish Council, and their national motto is Peace in the Country – Peace in the World, and their official currency is the Turkish Lira, and Turkey declared it a republic in the year 1923AD on the twenty-ninth day of October.

Marmara Island

The island of Marmara is an island located in the waters of the Sea of ​​Marmara, and belongs to the province of Balak Asir, and is considered one of the largest islands of the Sea of ​​Marmara, and the largest of the islands of Turkey of the second degree, and the island is characterized by its bright white and shiny rocks, and its area covers 117.18 km2.

Gayseren Island

Gaisren is a small island, with a land area of ​​four hectares, and the island is located geographically on the southeast coast of the Black Sea, as it is one of the largest islands of the Black Sea coast, and the island is characterized by a humid and hot climate in the summer, and contains a number of natural bays in The northeastern side, and the southeastern side.

Princes’ Islands

It is called the Red Islands, which are islands located in the waters of the Sea of ​​Marmara, and it follows the province of Istanbul, and its land area is 15.85 km 2, and its population is 13.883 thousand people, according to the statistics of 2011, and the islands are characterized by natural landscapes and horse-drawn carriages, which made them islands It is visited by many tourists.

Buyuk Adah

Is a Turkish island the meaning of its name is the Grand Island, and it is also called the island of Bekoda, and the island was ancient in addition to all princesses of Byzantine origins, and the island is characterized as an island without cars, it does not have any kind of cars except police cars, ambulances, and cars Extinguishing, as the means of transportation are horse-drawn carriages, called the voiture.

Emrali Island

Imrali Island is considered one of the Turkish islands with a small area, and in the Greek language it is called Kalolemnos Island. The island is located in the southern side of the Sea of ​​Marmara, and there is a very heavily guarded prison in the island. His only prisoner was Abdullah Ocalan, the Kurdish leader, but in 2009 he moved To the prison, a number of prisoners were executed. Three politicians were executed on the island: politician Fatin Rushto, politician Adnan Menderes, and politician Hassan Polatkan, and that was in the year 1961 AD.


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