A new guide for Jeddah’s best parks for families with their own dates. Every park has many features that make it distinct from others, so what are we looking for entertainment and joy, especially if we mean a wonderful city like Jeddah to spend the best times with the family and there is no doubt that we should visit the joyful and interesting parks we will get to know More details on it on Arab travelers.

The best parks in Jeddah for families:

Atallah Happy Land Theme Park:

Atallah Happy Land Park is one of the oldest parks in the city, where it is built in 1986 AD and then underwent a renewal in 2008 AD and it was opened again in 2010 AD and it occupies an area of ​​forty five thousand square meters and contains a special part to enjoy the breeze and the natural atmosphere and an air-conditioned part as There are play sections for children and others for adults and also has a hall that contains the best restaurants and a hall for electronic games. The park is dedicated every Wednesday for women and children, so they can have more fun.

Al Shallal Theme Park:

It is one of the most popular parks in the city of Jeddah, and it is located in the Jeddah Road next to the Red Sea beach, and its popularity is due to the diversity of the games in it. The park is equipped with many unique games for adults and children in addition to it contains a ski hall, a wonderful lake, and an artificial waterfall. To sit with the family.

Chucky Chase Park:

  • Chuck’s Cheese Park is located on Prince Muhammad Bin Abdulaziz Road in Al-Rehab City and contains a lot of electronic games for adults and others for children.
  • The Cheesecake Park includes a bowling alley and a ski pass, and there are many recreational events and festive festivals.
  • It includes many restaurants that are considered the most beautiful dishes and provide special corners for families. What really sets it apart is the presence of a sea view that opens from eight in the evening until ten in the evening every day.

Ice Land Park:

It is located in Al-Zahraa neighborhood and it is a special place for entertainment and play for both adults and children alike. At the same time it contains many electronic games, skating halls and bowling halls, and it contains restaurants, cafes and gift shops.

Jeddah Aquapark:

Aquapark theme park is located on the northern side of the city of Jeddah on the road leading to Medina towards Dhahban, which is about fifty kilometers away from the city.
Aquapark is one of the most beautiful and best family parks ever and it contains pools with lots of amazing water games such as jumping and skating, which at the same time contains many restaurants that have an African character and many delicious seafood are served, Aquapark Park contains many spaces Vast green places to sit with the family.

  • As for the title of Aquapark Park, it is: Aqua Park – Al Madinah Al Munawwarah District. Take the Dhahban Road.
  • Phone number for the Aqua Park: +966126444477

Walk places in Jeddah:

Jeddah Corniche:

The Jeddah Corniche is one of the most beautiful areas in it. It contains many parks that you can walk in, in addition to shops for shopping and buying clothes and a lot of excellent international restaurants. At the same time, you will find beaches where you can practice sports activities, which makes it one of the most important tourist destinations in Jeddah if you want to walk. And enjoy the atmosphere of Jeddah.

Things to do in Jeddah Corniche:

  • Children can play with each other as there are many fun games on the beach in the Jeddah Corniche. You can also walk with your loved ones on the Jeddah Corniche. The atmosphere is beautiful, full of reassurance and joy.
  • You can take a memorial photo on the Jeddah Corniche with your family, especially at the King Fahd Fountain, as it has many wonderful colors, which makes it an inspiration for many visitors to Jeddah.
  • You can dine in any of the luxurious restaurants that have a special character in Jeddah, and you will also find many places that offer fresh drinks.
  • For sunset on the Jeddah Corniche, beauty is unmatched anywhere.
  • There are some places for fishing if you are a fan of fishing or want to do this experience, all you have to do is throw your hook and bait and wait for the most beautiful fish to pick up from the Red Sea.
  • You can visit the art museum, which is located in the Jeddah Corniche, it includes the most beautiful art sculptures, which are an attraction for many tourists and is influenced by the ancient Arab culture.

Jungle Land:

  • Also called Al-Mersal Village, it is considered one of the most beautiful parks in Jeddah for the purpose of walking and spending time with nature, while at the same time it contains a lot of international commercial markets, various facilities such as games for adults and children and restaurants at the highest level.
  • Jungle Land is open all days except Friday, and its hours are from 10:00 in the morning until 12 in the middle of the night.

Sail Island:

  • One of the artificial islands that was built on the Jeddah Corniche.
  • The Island of Purchase includes a section for coloring and painting, and many activities are made for the entertainment of laurel children.
  • It contains a lot of attractive sessions for tourists from all countries with its delightful sails, as well as many suites and chalets equipped with pools.
  • It is one of the most beautiful parks if your purpose is to spend time in green spaces and enjoy the beauty of nature and its purity and improve the mood and at the same time you want to introduce pleasure in the hearts of your children by playing with colors, drawing and coloring.

Video of the most beautiful parks of Jeddah for families:

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