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The most important tourist places on the island of Kish

The Iranian island of Kish is considered to be one of the most important tourist areas in it, due to the nature of the free economic and trade areas in it, which contributed to its development significantly, in addition to the multiplicity of recreational areas in it, which receive local tourists from all regions of Iran, and also attracts a large number of foreign tourists who wish to explore the beauty of The island and its impressive nature, in addition to the large numbers of merchants who come to it for the purpose of work and recreation at the same time.


Kish Island is known for its beautiful and quiet beaches, especially in the winter, in addition to its fresh blue water color, which allows the viewer to enjoy seeing the fish near the surface of the water, in addition to enjoying seeing the coral spread abundantly on the coast of the island, with the possibility of families enjoying the calm and beautiful atmosphere that It is relaxing, which has caused many Iranians to call the island the “family safe paradise”.

Cares underground city

It is a group of ancient archaeological channels, which were built more than 1000 years ago in the ancient Iranian era, in order to transfer water to various areas of the island, and part of these channels has been subject to restoration and renovation works, to turn into broader and wider channels of a nature A distinctive architecture, which allows tourists to wander around and learn about its history and importance to the island at the time, and a tourist attraction scheme for the canals has been set, by providing a number of restaurants and commercial markets in it.

Dolphin park

The park extends over an area of ​​approximately 100 hectares, the actual implementation of the park began in the year 1377 AH, and the first section of it was opened in the year 1379 AH, where the section includes a number of dolphin pools that the tourist can enjoy seeing closely, while enjoying the offers it offers, The second phase of the project represented in the Bird Garden, which includes more than 57 varieties of birds and animals, has been completed and collected from various regions of the world, and the most important birds in it are pelicans, the African penguin, stork and ostriches.

The historic city of Harira

This city was about 800 years ago, it is the most important port on the island, given that it is one of the linking links between European countries and East Asian countries, especially India and China, but it is now limited to some of the destroyed ancient houses and public baths, and the old mosque remaining in it , Which tourists can freely tour.

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