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Tourism in Tbilisi, Georgia

Tbilisi is one of the oldest cities in Europe, and it is a rich city full of tourist and historical attractions, and is characterized by delicious food, and is also very suitable for those with a limited budget, as the costs of accommodation, transportation, and food are not expensive in general, except that entry to most historical monuments It is free, and this article explains the features and the most prominent tourist places in it.

Tourist attractions in Tbilisi, Georgia

Rich in history

Tbilisi is one of the oldest cities in Europe, so it shows in it the diversity of historical monuments, as it fell under the rule of many human powers from the east during the Middle Ages, after which it came under the rule of the Russian Empire, and the effects of this era are observed in the back streets of the city.

There are beautiful and wonderful examples of modern art

Tbilisi began to evolve in the nineteenth century to become a European city, where Moroccan and Gothic motifs appeared with Art Nouveau, and medieval Georgian architectural motifs, where the diversity of these styles created a unique look for the city, and one of the most impressive features in it: the painted arcades where most of them were in Private homes for merchants and the nobility, some of which are now converted into private homes, and another part of which has been included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Various architectural buildings

Examples of each period of time in the city can be seen in this city, starting from the old city wall and its first ruins, to Soviet architecture and modern glass buildings, which made it appear uniquely to encourage travel to it.


Markets are everywhere in this city. When walking through its streets, large and small stores and stalls appear in every corner. Fruits and vegetables are sold, souvenirs, and household items. Goods sold in small shops are somewhat cheap compared to those sold in Other shops.

Savor varied food

Local specialties are great tasting, and although most restaurants offer Georgian food, there are other restaurants that offer food for other countries.


Museum lovers can enjoy their vacation by visiting history museums, the Soviet occuAl Bahahn, the ancient treasury, various art galleries, and museums of heritage machines.

Street arts

This type of art thrives in Tbilisi, where the art of murals is still in its development stage, because of the emergence of new artists every day, and the art of graffiti in Tbilisi may not be as professional as in the rest of the world, but street artists play a wonderful and beautiful role In decorating the empty gray facades in different city buildings.

The most popular tourist place in Tbilisi

Georgia and its capital, Tbilisi, have many different historical and tourist attractions, such as museums, churches, cathedrals, parks, the most important of which are:

Narikala Fortress

Narikala Castle is located in a very old site, and is one of the landmarks that must be visited when going to the city, because of its wonderful views of the city and the Kura River.

Samba Cathedral

It is one of the most attractive attractions in Tbilisi, and it is advised to go to it at night to see it illuminated in a bright golden color, and it is the third largest Orthodox Church in the world until 2020 AD, and it is one of the largest religious structures in it.

Peace Bridge

Peace Bridge (English: Peace Bridge) is a distinctive tourist attraction in Tbilisi, which is a pedestrian bridge built of steel and glass over the Mtkvari river, designed by the italyn architect Michel De Luci, and it was opened to tourists in 2010.

The Leaning Tower of Tbilisi

The Leaning Tower of Tbilisi is located in the Old City, and it is considered one of the most unusual buildings due to its strange structure, as it looks like a tower on the edge of the fall, but the presence of the steel bar may be the reason for its constant standing in place, and there is a huge clock in the middle of the tower with a sloping column On its side, and it is a horoscope similar to fairy tales, inside it is characterized by tiles handcrafted by its designer Rizo Gabriadz, and through this tower a beautiful scene of an angel coming out from the door above is displayed, and the bell is knocked with a hammer he carries in his hand, and a puppet show called The name of the circle of life.

Juma Mosque

The Juma Mosque is located amid the sulfur baths in the old town, as it consists of a beautiful tiled mosaic facade that makes it a distinctive and attractive place, and was first built by the Ottoman Empire in the eighteenth century, and then destroyed and rebuilt 3 times over the past 300 years, and this is considered The mosque is a place of worship for both Sunni and Shi’a Muslims.

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