Lamu Island

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Lamu Island

Lamu island belongs to the State of Kenya in terms of sovereignty and administrative rule in it, and is located within the Lamu archipelago located in the Indian Ocean close to the northern coast of Kenya, and the island of Lamu is the largest and most important archipelago that closely approaches the borders of the State of Somalia.

Economy on Lamu Island

The island’s economy was mainly based on the slave trade and slaves, until it was officially banned and criminalized by its actors at the beginning of the twentieth century, after which economic activity was focused on its traditional exports such as ivory, turtle shells, rhinoceros horns, and coastal accents, which are supplied outside the island across the ocean Indian to the eastern regions of the continent of Asia.

Tourism has also witnessed a clear activity in the island during the last decades, which contributed to reviving the economy there, especially after its independence from Britain in the seventies of the last century.

Lamu island cities

Lamu town

The town is classified as one of the world heritage sites, as it was built of coral stones and mangrove wood, and the buildings are simply characterized by them.

Lamu is considered one of the oldest and most important coastal areas to preserve its heritage and traditional nature in East Africa. Roads on the island are limited to a group of alleys and passages, where they are completely empty of paved streets, and for this it can be noted that the town is free of cars with the exception of a few of them, and limited mobility in them To walk on foot, or by carts pulled by camel and donkeys.

Sheila Village

It separates the village of Sheila from the town of Lamu at a distance of 3.2 km, and despite their proximity to each other, however, Sheila differs from the town of Lamu by containing a number of fine sand beaches in white, which are considered the most beautiful beaches overlooking the waters of the Indian Ocean, which attract a large number of Tourists every year, but it was badly damaged after the tsunami.

As for the origins of the people of the village, it is not known until now, but some ancient beliefs suggest that the origins of its inhabitants belong to Amanda Island located near the beaches of the village. The island also contains a number of mosques and small hotels overlooking its beaches.

The village of Mindendoni

The village is centered on the northwestern coast of the island, and separates it from the town of Lamu at a distance of 7.3 km. The village contains a modern sea port, as it is known to build and renew sailboats.

Kibungani Village

It is a small and simple village with a small population, located on the western coast of the island.


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