A guide to the most famous chalets in Al Ain with a private pool. Who wouldn’t like to have a private pool in the chalet where he spends summer time? I think it makes a difference, especially with those who prefer to spend time in the resort, and not to be exposed to sunlight, or they prefer to go out at night. Here we present an article in more detail on the Arab Travelers website.

The best chalets in Al Ain with a private pool

telal resort

  • The resort is located in the Ramah area of ​​Al Ain, and it contains a group of villas, rooms and suites that are distinguished by the Emirati character. It also features that provides everything related to the Emirati folklore amid providing a lot of contemporary entertainment.
  • And its pool is characterized by its capacity for approximately fifteen guests, and it has the property of controlling the water temperature in addition to its chlorine-free.

Swimming pools in Al Ain

  • Al Ain Hilton Hotel

The hotel is located in the Al-Sarouj area on Hilton Street in Al Ain, and it is rich with private pools and wide green areas where golf is played throughout the week.

  • Al Ain Rotana Hotel

The hotel has two-bedroom chalets and three rooms with swimming pools, in addition to the Al Falaj Suite, which also has a private pool. The hotel is located on Sheikh Zayed Road.

  • Al Mubazzarah swimming pool in Al Ain

There are 4 swimming pools available in Al-Mubarraza Green, two for men and two for women. Men’s swimming pools are available from 10 am to 10 pm, and women’s pools are available from 11 am to 11 pm.

  • Al Bada Resort Al Ain

The product provides about 60 chalets equipped with everything that guests need, and what makes them feel at home. This is in addition to having a pool where you can sit for fresh juices, or swim, of course.
These are the most prominent hotel and tourist establishments that inmates in the Emirate of Al Ain aim to recover in their natural lakes, get massages, or take a portion of exercise in the gymnasiums and others. In addition, of course, to the presence of the pool for some of the mentioned chalets, which represents its acquisition while obtaining the vacation of the chosen chalet.

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