Marietta Island

المسافرون العرب

Marietta Islands

The Marietta Islands is an archipelago made up of a group of small islands located several miles west of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, at the mouth of Banderas Bay, and is one of the wonders of the virgin natural world that was formed many centuries ago as a result of volcanic eruptions, and represents uninhabited islands Exactly, which made the Mexican government use them as sites for military exercises in the early 2000s, to prepare for World War I.

Nature in the Marietta Islands

In 1960, the scientist Jacques Cousteau led a massive protest against harmful human activity on the islands, and after that the National Park was established on the islands in 2005, 45 minutes from Nayarit, and declared as a nature reserve by the Mexican government. Also, any harmful human activities on the islands were prohibited. Renovating the beach, plants, and wild animals.

The islands contain rare marine species, such as humpback whales and manta-type rays, which have remained steadfast despite the explosions that the region has experienced, such as humpback whales and rai fish, which made the Marina Islands in general a distinctive destination for those wishing to swim, rowing through boats, and enjoying Sightseeing and sunbathing, UNESCO has ranked the Marietta Islands among the list of important heritage sites.

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Hidden beach in Marietta Islands

Playa del Amor, also known as the hidden beach or the sea of ​​love, is one of the most popular beaches in Mexico, located 20 nautical miles from Puerto Vallarta, in an ideal hideout amid the surface of the green island, under a hole completely rotated in the ground, and at a depth of several meters from Marina Islands, where it represents a unique beach, and enjoy the flowing turquoise water, and can only be seen from above.

It is said that this gap that revealed the hidden beach was formed in the beginning of 1900 AD, as a result of the fall of one of the shells during the military exercises, as it was formed by many unique caves, and other rock formations. This beach can only be reached by helicopter, or through a small opening In the form of a short tunnel linking the beach with the Indian Ocean, which reaches a length of fifty feet, and the height of its roof is 6 feet, and it can only be traversed by diving or swimming, only when the tides are calm.

The best times to visit in Marietta Islands

The Marietta Islands generally enjoy the picturesque sunshine throughout the year due to its tropical climate, as flights continue to the island throughout the months of the year, although they are not prepared for housing, and most tourists prefer to visit the hidden beach during the winter season, and after the end of the rainy season in particular, until it enjoys The visitor is romantic and calm, and the view of the water is clear and clear.

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