Mauritius for the honeymoon

المسافرون العرب

Mauritius for the honeymoon

The island of Mauritius is surrounded by the waters of the Indian Ocean. A distinctive haven for those looking for rest, relaxation and tranquility, as it has become one of the most important tourist destinations for honeymooning or a romantic holiday for the husband.

Honeymoon activities in the Mauritius Islands

Massage and swimming sessions

Five-star hotels are spread out in large numbers on the beaches of Mauritius, which offer massage and sauna services to achieve the physical and psychological comfort of both spouses, in addition to the private beaches with cochineal waters that increase the pleasure of swimming.

Pamplos Botanical Gardens

This garden differs from any of the other botanical gardens of the world, as it attracts large numbers of people wishing to enjoy the beauty of virgin nature, and seekers of everything that is rare and strange in this world. A rare palm tree whose flowers bloom once every sixty years.

Swim with dolphins

Dolphins that swim in Tamarin Bay located in the western coast of the Indian Ocean abound, grooms and other tourists can use small boats to reach this area, and enjoy watching these dolphins swimming in the daytime hours, in addition to the ability to go to the water, swim and play with these fish.

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Visit the colorful land

Colorful land is one of the strangest tourist destinations on the island, and this name was called because of the seven colors that characterize its sandy hills, and the researchers point out that the reason for the coloration of sand with these sand is due to the disintegration of volcanic stones scattered on the island, as can be seen watching the Shama waterfalls that exist In the same area.

the hunt

Fishing lovers can go to the areas designated for fishing on the island of Mauritius, which extend over an area of ​​more than 1950 hectares, and spread in this region more than a thousand gazelle, which raises the possibility of returning with good fishing, also lovers of walking can take dedicated roads for walking that extend between 3 A mile and 10 miles, and enjoy watching the rare plants and trees scattered on both sides of these roads. This includes a number of restaurants and cafes that can be stopped to rest and enjoy a hot drink or the traditional cuisine of the island.

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