Moses eyes

المسافرون العرب

Moses eyes

Moses’ eyes are twelve eyes of water, which pump fresh water fit for drinking after the purification and purification process, and scholars are of the opinion that these eyes belong to the era of the Prophet Moses, peace be upon him, for God Almighty said: “And when Moses ascended to his people, then we said, strike a swallow with a thorn of a thorn, All people who drink them eat and drink from the sustenance of God and do not pervert on the land spoilers ”(Al-Baqarah: 60).


These eyes are located in Egypt, and these eyes are thirty-five kilometers away from the city of Suez, and sixty kilometers from the tunnel of the martyr Ahmed Hamdi, and this tunnel connects the Sinai Peninsula and the Suez Governorate, as it forms a link between the cities of Suez and Ras Sidr, as it is far One hundred and sixty-five kilometers from Cairo, it is worth noting that seven eyes from the eyes have disappeared due to negligence, meaning that the number of the remaining eyes are only five eyes which are Ain Al-Bahri, Al-Zahr, Al-Shayeb, Al-Saqi, Gharbi, Al-Baqbqa, and Sheikh remained all without water With the exception of one eye, which is the Sheikh, it is estimated to be forty meters deep , This is the eyes of the most important religious shrines and tourist attractions in Egypt.

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These eyes are characterized by its beautiful natural scenery as well as the beauty of its scenery, because it directly overlooks the coast of the Gulf of Suez, and these eyes include many dense weeds and palm trees, as well as its therapeutic benefits, it treats rheumatism, some skin diseases, in addition to some problems of the system Digestive system.

Environmental problems

These eyes were subjected to great neglect by the responsible authorities, which did not enjoy the criticism and warnings of the citizens, that these eyes would have received what Pharaoh’s baths encountered, and this negligence led to the disappearance of seven eyes, and the trees of the weeds and the milker inhabited them, and five other eyes were left, the waters of four eyes dried up and remained One eye pumps water, and it is worth noting that citizens have called for the rescue of Egyptian monuments, especially religious ones, because they constitute a magnet for many tourists from all over the world.

Religious standing

Moses’ eyes are considered a religious place with a high status, as it constitutes one of the miracles of the Prophet Moses, peace be upon him, and these eyes exploded after the words of God, Moses, peace be upon him, struck with his stick that he used to recline and graze sheep, in compliance with the command of God Almighty, with the aim of irrigating the children Israel fleeing Pharaoh’s injustice and torment, because they entered the religion of Moses, from Egypt to the Holy Land, and the water continued to be pumped from these eyes until the grass and many palm trees grew.

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