Mountain tourism in Morocco

المسافرون العرب

Mountain tourism in Morocco

Morocco is one of the most attractive regions of North Africa for tourists, as it is characterized by the diversity of tourist views and the difference between cities. For example, Casablanca and Fez are among the most beautiful cities in the country, they are a mix between the beauty of the scenes, smells, and sounds, as the railways are a convenient transportation. And the fast for tourists in the country, and walking in the Moroccan mountains is one of the most enjoyable things that visitors do, as the village of Imlil is the starting point from which mountain climbers can start from, up to the top of Mount Toubkal, and climbers can also pass through the ancient barbarian villages and beautiful mountain environments, preferably Visitors accompanying tourist guides on their travels.

The most important mountainous tourist attractions

The Moroccan nature is distinguished by its richness and diversity that satisfies all the tastes of tourists, as it travels to different regions, for periods ranging from day or night to nights in villages, or under tents, and the highlands are one of the most important tourist attractions in Morocco, including:

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Atlas Mountains

The Atlas mountain range extends over 2,500 km, and it includes the highest mountain of Mount Toubkal between the mountains of North Africa, which allows adventure pioneers to go towards it from the village of Jili, near Marrakech, and enjoy discovering the area rich in beauty of its nature, and you can also wander among the barbarian villages, such as the village of Excess And Tinhurrahin, in addition to the possibility of overnight stay in simple Berber homes. Mount Toubkal is one of the highest peaks in North Africa, and it is covered with snow, and its height is 4167 m. Therefore, it is considered a destination for many climbers, so that he imagines the positions on his summit that he sees all North Africa .

Other mountain features

There are many mountainous tourist attractions in the state of Morocco, including:

  • Al Reef Mountains: It allows visitors to take a stroll in the blue-painted city of Chefchaouen, climb the Citadel mountain, and enjoy the wonderful views of the city and the agricultural areas from its summit.
  • Mountain component : It is considered one of the mountains of the High Atlas, and its height reaches 4701 meters.
  • IfraneIfrane National Park is considered one of the most beautiful natural areas within the mountains of the Middle Atlas, and the rare forests of this city live in the forests of rare macaques, among the cedar lined on the sides of the mountain slopes, which makes it an attractive environment for walking in it.
  • Paradise Valley: It is located in the Atlas Mountains, and it is one of the wonderful places to spend holidays, with waterfalls that enable tourists to swim in the alluring ponds there.
  • The Mount Sugro group: This mountain group is located in the south of Morocco, and it is one of the most arid regions of the Atlas Mountains, due to the occurrence of small amounts of rain on it. It contains pathways and mountain caves.

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