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Los Angeles is called LA in short, it is the largest city in the state of California and is located in the west of the United States of America. It is the second most populous city in the United States after New York City. Where the length of sandy coasts after Rio de Janeiro and Perth

Indeed, it is a country, not a city, and it may be larger than some countries, and it is not a city. It is the richest city in America, and its income is equal to the budget of several Arab countries combined. Each region of Los Angeles is considered an independent city. For example, you find that Hollywood is a different city from Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, South Long Beach and other areas of the south that I could not visit and all together form some Los Angeles.
If you want to discover Los Angeles, I think you need at least two weeks.

12 tips1 - My trip to Los Angeles
In Los Angeles, don’t depend on taxi or public transportation, and rent a car that is far better for you.
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rentalcarNew - My trip to Los Angeles

Los Angeles consists of several areas, including:

1- Hollywood “Film City”
2- Beverly Hills, “a city of the rich and inhabited by most celebrities and artists”
3- Santa Monica “A quiet and safe coastal city inhabited by the wealthy of Los Angeles”
4- Los Angeles Downtown It is not recommended to go to the city center, it is not safe and there are only skyscrapers and a working area.
5- Long Beach is considered to be in the middle of the northern region and near it
6- Anaheim is one of the southern regions where Arab shops and restaurants abound

The best residential areas in Los Angeles

1- Santa Monica is the undisputed best because of the quality of many tourist activities and the availability of villas on the beach and the region is very safe
2- Beverly Hills is considered a very elegant and very safe area, but the prices are expensive
3- Hollywood, in particular, Fam street, It is not recommended to roam at night in the area.
4- If your stay in Los Angeles is long, you can live in more than one area and distribute it between the south and the north
Driving in Los Angeles
In Los Angeles, never think of relying on public transportation, as it is the worst of what is and public transportation does not cover all places as it may be dangerous in some areas so you should rent a car and drive it yourself and that is the best and cheapest solution.
Driving in Los Angeles is easy, and their roads are almost the same as ours and the same driving system we have, but the only problem is crowding at peak time.

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The best time to visit Los Angeles

It is preferable to visit Los Angeles in the winter and spring and stay away from it from May to the end of August, because of the heat, and vice versa, in the winter it is cooler, not light and not cold.

The most important tourist places in Los Angeles

Universal Studios Singapore - My trip to Los Angeles


Undisputedly, it is the most beautiful I have seen in Los Angeles and Universal Studio is far superior to Disneyland and Europe Park, according to my opinion, and it is preferable to spend a full day in it from morning to night.
N34 ° 8.093
W118 ° 21.220

My trip to Los Angeles - My trip to Los Angeles

2- Six Flags

A huge and famous theme park with many branches around the world, located in the north of Los Angeles, about an hour by car
N 34 ° 25.603
W118 ° 35.614
1581207519 336 My trip to Los Angeles - My trip to Los Angeles

3- Disneyland

It is not advisable to go to her because she is relatively old and Disneyland in Orlando is more beautiful than her
N 33 ° 48.756
W117 ° 55.551
1581207519 240 My trip to Los Angeles - My trip to Los Angeles


Venice Beach, “Venice Beach”, is a very beautiful beach with gift shops and acrobatic shows on the beach, and it is a place that you will not get tired of quickly. There are also beautiful parks next to the beach called Pacific Park.
Venice Beach coordinates:
33 ° 59.676’N
118 ° 28.836’W
The coordinates of the Pacific Park
N 34 ° 0.638
W118 ° 29.821


And in it you find the Walk of Fame, which is the street with many theaters, cinemas, shopping centers and museums, such as the Wax Museum, and it is the street where you find the stars for celebrities.
The coordinates of the Walk of Fame in Hollywood:
N 34 ° 6.136
W118 ° 20.158

6- Discovery Science Center

The Discovery Science Center is a beautiful place for children and family and an opportunity to learn and benefit.
N 33 ° 46.199
W117 ° 52.061

The most important markets in Los Angeles

The commercial markets in Los Angeles are many, and these are the most important


A great mall, very beautiful, and a pleasant walk around.
The coordinates of the malls parking stop:
N 34 ° 4.250
W118 ° 21.513


The luxury shopping street, which is the most luxurious in Beverly Hills, and you can shop for a Hollywood celebrity near you.
Do not visit Los Angeles without visiting this street.
The coordinates of Rodeo Drive.
N 34 ° 4.068
W118 ° 24.094


A small and beautiful shopping center on Hollywood Street, from which you can see a Hollywood painting from the view on the second floor of the mall. I personally prefer watching a Hollywood painting from this center than going to it.
N 34 ° 6.107
W118 ° 20.385

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