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City Wall

The fence was established between the fifteenth and eighteenth centuries, it is a huge defensive wall surrounding the city, with a height of approximately five to seven meters, and its thickness is about 1.20 meters. On the north side, the Bab Al-Okla towers, the Bab al-Nawadir and the tower located on the northeastern side. The wall contains seven gates distributed in all its aspects.

The Kasbah Mosque

The mosque is located in the middle of the ancient city, specifically in the same place where the fortress of Sidi Al-Muzhairi is found. It was established at the end of the fifteenth century, and it was Sidi Al-Mudhiri who ordered it to be built. : Bab al-Janoubiyya, Bab al-Shamaliyya, and Bab al-Gharbiyyah, which is located next to the Hermitage.

Kasbah of Sidi El-Nazhari

The Kasbah is located in the northwestern part of the city of Tetouan, within which the Kasbah includes a castle, a mosque, a house, and a small bathroom, where its construction dates back to the fifteenth century, during the period of rebuilding the city, the Kasbah can monitor all roads and corridors, including the monitor that is located In one of the towers in the city, it was an ancient military base and the center of the ruler.

Watering the door of Oqla

The watering of Bab Aqla is considered one of the most beautiful waterfalls found throughout the old city, as it is characterized by its charming and beautiful decoration, as it is considered one of the most important sites to attract tourists.

Moroccan Art Museum

It is considered one of the most important Moroccan museums, established in one thousand nine hundred and twenty nine, the museum includes an interior, a garden, a pond, of water, and a fountain located in the center of the museum, along with the decorative wall decorated with designs that are similar to the designs that were drawn in Granada, is used at the time Present to hold an exhibition of traditional costumes and musical instruments.

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