Princesses Islands

Princess Islands is located in the Sea of ​​Marmara in Istanbul, Turkey, and it is a series of nine islands that were exiled during the Byzantine era, and it has become at the present time one of the most important tourist destinations in Istanbul, and attracts tourists from abroad and from inside, and out of nine islands there are only four islands open to tourists, The islands are characterized by narrow streets surrounded by pine forests or beautiful country houses, and the most overwhelmed by the islands is complete calm, only the sound of bicycle bells and the sounds of horse hooves are heard there, as all motor vehicles are prohibited in them, and horse-drawn vehicles are the primary means of transportation.
The islands are locally called Adalar, and they are: Büyükada, Heybeliada, Burgazada, and Kinaliada as well. The fifth island, Sedef Adası, is inhabited but is not as popular as the rest of the islands, and the rest of the islands are: Yassı , Sivriada, and Tavşan Adası are uninhabited, and the last island is Kaşık Adası, which is a private island.

The names of princesses

The islands acquired their name during the Byzantine period, when princes and empresses were exiled to them, but during the nineteenth century, under Ottoman rule, the islands became resorts for the wealthy of Istanbul, and these islands are:

Buick too

It is the largest of the islands, and contains historical buildings, such as: the sixth century Hagia and Monastery of Ayia Jorge, the Church of Ayios Demetrius, the Monastery and Monastery of Hristus, and the Hamidiye Mosque built by Sultan Abdul Hamid II, and the island includes many hotels, restaurants, and shops.

Hebele too

The island contains many attractive and interesting sites such as: a group of copper mines that have been closed, the Naval Academy, the Greek Orthodox Secondary School located on a large hill among the pine trees that are currently closed, and the Halki Palace Hotel, which is a famous hotel that was built In 1862 AD for parents of Greek high school students, it was destroyed in a fire, and it was renovated as a hotel in 1995 AD, Church of the Virgin Mary, a public beach, and a club for water sports, and also contains a picnic area called (Degirmen), facing the island of Cassic.

Progas also

The island is famous for the presence of the house of the writer Sait Faik Abasiyanik; it is from the famous Turkish story book at the beginning of the twentieth century, and the house turned into a museum. The island has a club for sailing and water sports, and many seashore.

Kinali also

The beaches attract many visitors, especially Iazma Beach, and the island is characterized by the presence of beautiful summer homes that people can rent, and also contains a water sports club, and an Olympic pool, and there is a monastery built by the Byzantine Emperor Romenos IV in exile, and died and is buried in it, called Hristus Monastery.

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