The features of the United Arab Emirates are many, including the clock tower in Dubai (Deira Clock Tower). The clock tower in Dubai is one of the most important tourist attractions in the UAE, and this tower has become famous internationally, after it was classified by the British Telegraph newspaper as one of the most beautiful (17) watch towers on Worldwide, next to the Big Ben Tower in London, and other other constellations, and this is a historical event that indicates the greatness of the status of this tower, as well as the English newspaper (Travel Plus) rated it as one of the best watch towers in the world, so let us get acquainted with this tower that became famous all over the world.

Dubai Clock Tower


This tower is located east of Dubai in the city of (Deira), at the intersection of Umm Hurair Street and Al Maktoum Road in Duran, one of the most famous circuits in Dubai, and this roundabout is famous for the intense crowd, day and night, and opinions differed about the date of construction of that tower; some of them said It was established in (1965), but the official document states that it was created in (1963) by an Emirati engineer named Zaki Al Homsi.
The engineer Zaki Al Homsi did this wonderful work in two phases, and it took (10) months to build it, and this tower was associated with the circular clock that was specially designed to be one of the most important and famous tourist attractions in the world in a region known for vitality throughout the day and includes that region that is located The tower contains a number of government bodies and departments located in Dubai, as well as global tourism offices, and other important bodies.

Zaki Al Homsi’s talk about this wonderful building

Engineer Zaki Al Homsi spoke about this tower, saying: This building is one of the most important buildings that the Emirates are proud of in general, and Dubai in particular, and he has also said: Once the task of designing the topic was assigned to me, I worked hard to get this design to the fullest, When one of the contractors did not implement this project, I implemented it through the engineering department in which I work.
He also adds: The transfer of this tower was on a very rainy day; the plane could not land in the Emirate of Dubai and landed in the Emirate of Sharjah; then it was transferred to the Emirate of Dubai.

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