Qatar Tourist Islands

المسافرون العرب


The State of Qatar is one of the Arab countries affiliated with the Arab Peninsula, as it is a peninsula that extends within the Arab Gulf states, with an area of ​​about eleven thousand square kilometers, and a population of about two million people.
The State of Qatar is distinguished by the presence of many islands in it that have formed in different ways, some of which were formed by marine sediments, and some of which are formed as a result of volcanoes, in addition to the many bays that made its soil fertile, and we will talk in our article about some of the islands that are included in the State of Qatar .

Qatar Tourist Islands

Palm island

Palm Island is one of the most popular tourist areas in the State of Qatar, and it is distinguished from many other islands by being located in the Doha Bay area which contains many beaches, and for this it attracts many tourists to it from different regions.

The Pearl Island

The Pearl Island is a group of artificial islands that constitute a large island called the Pearl Island, which is located near the new city of Lusail in the north of Doha Beach in the heart of the State of Qatar, and the island is divided into ten regions, each of them taking a special character in them, including the region of Porto Arabia, which It includes many of the three thousand, one hundred and sixteen apartments, in addition to the large mega hotels, as well as one hundred and ninety eighty villas, and many other beautiful buildings.

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Halul Island

Halul Island is considered one of the Qatari islands, which is the second largest island in the State of Qatar, located to the northeast of the capital, where it is ninety-six kilometers away, this island takes the form of a pear fruit length of one thousand seven hundred meters, and its width is about eight hundred meters, formed as a result of erosion and movement factors The water and winds resulting from the waves and tides from the sea, and this island is distinguished from ancient times by its strategic location, as it was a refuge for fishermen who come to it from various regions, but after the discovery of oil in it it has become one of the most important economic sites in the country.

Bashiriya Island

It is one of the islands of the Qatari state, arose from the accumulation of sandy sediments coming from the northern marine currents, where its land was exposed to the marine current, which led to the formation of the island as a result of leaving the sediments above it.

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High Island

Al-Alia Island is located in the northeast and southeast of the city of Doha, about seven kilometers away, and an area of ​​about 1.8 square kilometers, where the coast of this island is surrounded by sandy sediments and rocky surfaces.

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