The most important tourist places in Qatar

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The State of Qatar is one of the Arab Gulf states, and one of the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council, whose capital is Doha, was established in the beginning of the seventies of the last century, and its population currently reaches two million, and it is one of the most important tourist destinations and destinations; given the diversity of tourism fields in it, you find recreation tourism, Therapeutic tourism, shopping tourism, religious monuments tourism, and historical site tourism.

Tourist places in Qatar

Celine Beach Resort

This resort is considered one of the most beautiful coastal places overlooking the sea, as it contains many entertainment and amenities such as: chalets, swimming pools, public facilities and services of all kinds, places of marine sports and others, where the location of this product is distinguished by its proximity to the capital, which is a distance from it An hour in the car.

Al Gharyah Resort

It is a resort overlooking the sea, and contains many places for hiking, and is characterized by an abundance of residential apartments, taking its name depending on the region in which it is located.

Palm Island

It is distinguished by the presence of a series of restaurants that offer seafood and international dishes famous in this field, and there are distinguished places dedicated to children’s entertainment, as well as the ancient shipping methods that are considered from the history of the State of Qatar.

The Kingdom of Aladdin

It is a recreational city dedicated to games, and there are special sections for both sexes, within the times of the specified weekly program, as there is an artificial lake, and it adds elegance and beauty to the site, and its strategic location that serves the residence of the tourist is distinguished, as it is surrounded by nearly forty hotel buildings.

The beaches of Al-Khor and Fuwairit

These beaches are characterized by the beauty of the view overlooking the sea, where they are characterized by the presence of sand dunes with beautiful high elevations up to thirty meters in some locations, where it is considered a destination for driving four-wheel drive cars, as one of the sports in this field.


It is a region of rock formations, very beautiful, as these formations are characterized by the presence of many archaeological sculptures dating back to the prehistoric times.


A number of museums are spread across the Qatari square, where their exhibits and holdings differ, such as: the Qatar National Museum, which contains a collection of Islamic monuments, guides and references to the ancient geological formation of Qatar, the Creek Museum that contains many traces of previous nations and some exploration revelations, the Museum of Arms, which displays rare holdings of weapons Used in multiple eras, Al-Wakra Museum, House of Popular Traditions.

Historic castles

In Qatar, there are a number of historical castles that belong to residential military and civilian facilities such as: Al-Zubara Castle, Doha Castle, Barzan Tower, and Umm Salal Muhammad Castle.


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