Tourist schedule in Bodrum

المسافرون العرب

We offer you a distinctive tourist schedule for Bodrum, Turkey, which is one of the best cities in Turkey because it includes many picturesque tourist attractions and charming natural scenery, due to the presence of many sandy beaches in it, and through this article we show you some places that can be visited in Bodrum On the site of Arab travelers.

Tourist schedule in Bodrum:

Bodrum includes many picturesque tourist attractions, and places that must be visited and enjoyed, so we have prepared for you that tourist program in Bodrum, as follows:

First day: Fink Beach:

  • Fink Beach is one of the best tourist places that are found in Bodrum, Turkey, because it is one of the most popular places for visitors from all over the world, due to the splendor of the beach, and the beach is located in an area called Ortakent, and you can spend an enjoyable day on this beach and that Because it holds a lot of different events and performances, along with a lot of recreational games available on the beach, among them skiing and also boat trips and many other water recreational activities.
  • It is also possible to eat lunch on the beach Fink directly, through a large group of restaurants that directly view the beach and which have the most delicious local and international dishes, especially delicious and delicious fish dishes that suit all tastes.

Day Two: Visit to the Marine Archeology Museum:

  • If you are a fan and a lover of the deep sea world, a lover of adventure and excitement, the Maritime Archeology Museum located in Bodrum is the place for you, and you will spend a very enjoyable time in this museum, as this museum includes a lot of collectibles, as well as jewelry, and some types of ancient antiquities Which has been in the museum for thousands of years.
  • The Museum of Maritime Archeology is located in the Palace of Saint-Pierre, which is one of the most important historical palaces that exist in the city of Bodrum, and you can spend a very enjoyable time in the museum by seeing a large collection of ancient monuments and collections that have sunk into the depths of the sea and recovered, among which ships The historical, and some types of jewelry, also includes a large collection of ancient coins dating back thousands of years.

Day Three: Visiting Bodrum Amphitheater:

  • The amphitheater is one of the best tourist places and great historical monuments that exist in the Turkish city of Bodrum, as it is one of the ancient amphitheaters, which dates back to the fourth century BC, and you can spend an enjoyable day in the amphitheater, by attending many parties, as well as events that It is held on the stage of the amphitheater, in a place that accommodates more than thirteen thousand people.
  • The amphitheater is located in the famous Goktepe district, which is located in Bodrum. The amphitheater is considered a historical monument that dates back to the Hellenistic era. The most important feature of the amphitheater is that it contains the places designated for the public, their seating and also another place dedicated to the orchestra.

Day 4: Visit the Mindos Gate:

  • The Mendos Gate is one of the famous tourist attractions in Bodrum, Turkey, because it is one of the places that many visitors from different parts of the world visit, to see this great edifice, which is one of the oldest buildings in the city, and the Mendus Gate is the entrance to the old city, The city of Halicarnassus, which is one of the gates that has remained throughout the ages.
  • The gate is located specifically in the western region of the Turkish city of Bodrum, which was at the foot is an important part of the wall of the city of Bodrum, and just as the gate at the foot included three different towers but it did not remain, as time only preserved the gate, and therefore it is one of the ancient places In the city, which many visitors from all over the world come to enjoy watching.

Fifth Day: Visit the Midtown Shopping Center:

  • The Midtown Center is one of the best shopping centers that are located in Bodrum, and we advise you to visit this big center, especially on the last day of your stay in Bodrum, because it is one of the big centers that includes a lot of goods and gifts that you can get Before leaving the city, the center has many commodities with international brands as well as sweet brands, in addition to enjoying the distinctive and attractive architectural design of that center.
  • It is also possible to eat a meal through the distinctive and famous restaurants that are located inside the center, and which have many distinctive and delicious dishes that suit many visitors from all over the world, in addition to a large group of cafes that include the best juices and distinctive hot drinks, which You can enjoy eating and resting in cafes until you complete the tour inside that big center and buy lots and lots of different commodities in shapes and sizes.
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