Safari in Cape Town is one of the most enjoyable tourism trips, where there are many activities that can be done in Cape Town, as well as various forests, deserts and various safari places within this country, and we will present to you some interesting places in Cape Town as well as fun activities there.

Safari trips inside Cape Town

Aquila Game Reserve

Aquila Game ReserveSafari trips in Cape TownAquila Game Reserve is considered one of the beautiful nature reserves that exist in Cape Town, and the area of ​​this reserve reaches approximately 4,500 hectares, and it is worth noting that this reserve contains many black eagles, and these eagles are rare in existence and at risk of extinction, However, it is abundant in this reserve, and so it has been named Aquila Game in relation to the rare black eagle, and the visitor will see many vast green areas in this reserve, as it contains three different green areas, as the visitor will see the vegetation and green grass, in addition to Many different wild animals and rare birds, and so are protected from L’Aquila, Jaime’s most popular safari in Cape Taun.aqro also: cheap markets in Cape Town

Pilanesberg National Park

Pilanesberg National ParkSafaris in Cape Town is one of the most famous safaris in Cape Town, and visitors were able to take a unique safari, as the visitor sees many wild creatures in this park, in addition to seeing the geological features and attractive terrain, which is characterized as one of The unspoiled terrain is unique in the Plansberg Park, and the visitor will see in this garden the vegetation and the wonderful vegetation in this garden where they are covered with wonderful green grass, in addition to many different animals, and he can also eat food and food. Local Riqih appetite in this park, and are advised to visit this park in the period ranging from March to October, where the temperature is characterized by moderation in these times, ranging from 26 to 30 degrees Celsius.

Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden

Kirstenbosch National Botanical GardenSafaris in Cape Town, and this garden is considered one of the wonderful gardens that are used to make various safari trips, as it has been classified as a world heritage site by UNESCO, and visitors in this park can take different walking tours between the wide paths that are designated for walking among thousands of different types Of the unique roses and plants, as they contain more than 9000 varieties of plants and crops, and this garden was divided into several different sections, including the useful garden of plants that contain different types of plants, including cacti and sour figs, in addition to the garden of Aromatic plants, which contain many aromatic plants such as mint, as well as the garden of extinct plants, and the plants that are threatened with extinction, so this garden is one of the most important safari places in Cape Town where the visitor was able to identify the different vegetation of Cape Town. Read also: Safari in South Africa

Cape Town colony in Boulders

Cape Town colony in BouldersSafari in Cape TownBoulders is one of the most famous villages that exist in Cape Town, as it is located 60 kilometers south of Cape Town, and this colony is one of the wonderful penguin colonies that exist in Cape Town, and enables visitors to do various swimming tours on the beach And the practice of different water sports, and visitors were able to see many types of different penguins, and these penguins are characterized as very friendly and peaceful, and the visitor is one of the lucky ones if he is swimming on the beach and saw the penguins diving near him, so this colony is considered one of the safari places E and fun in Cape Town.

Things to do in Cape Town

Safari in Cape TownThings to do in Cape Town (Water-skiing)Safari in Cape TownThings to do in Cape TownIf you need a day full of different adventure activities, you should not hesitate to go to Cape Town as it enables visitors to do many different activities, including hiking, as well as kayaking in addition to various water sports such as surfing Or windsurfing and other fun sports, in addition to working on quad biking and traveling between different mountains by relying on this bike, you can also see many scenic views, and charming nature, by getting to know the cover Patty, as well as to identify the different animals in Cape Town, are all of these activities and more are the activities carried out by the visitors during the safari to do in Cape Town.

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