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The distance between Sapanca and Istanbul

The distance between Sapanca and Istanbul is an estimated 71 miles by air, equivalent to 114 km, and an average plane with a speed of 560 miles can travel the distance between the two cities with a time not exceeding 13 minutes, and it should be noted that Sapanca is located on the longitude 30.26738 and latitude 40.69141, and rises 47 Meters above sea level, while Istanbul is located on longitude 28.97836, latitude 41.00824, and rises 40 meters above sea level.


Sapanca is located in the province of Sakarya, which is the smallest province in Turkey in terms of area, while the largest in terms of population density. The city is considered one of the favorite cities for short holidays, and its tourism income has increased due to the tourist facilities around the lake. It also has many summer homes and holiday villages, and is one of the tourist places in Sapanca Kartepe, near Masuki, which is the highest point in the Samanli Mountains. , Which An ideal place for winter tourism because it has new facilities designed for winter.


Istanbul is located between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, the largest city in Turkey in terms of population, with a population of about 13.82 million people, and this number constitutes approximately 20% of the total population in the country, and the population of Istanbul increases by 3.45%, due to the influx It is worth noting that only a third of the city’s population is originally from Istanbul, and Istanbul has a developed industrial sector that provides employment opportunities for the majority of the region’s residents, and finally Istanbul is the economic, historical and cultural center of Turkey.

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