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Serendip Island

It is a large island in the Indian Ocean in southern India, which the Arabs called in the past Serendip Island, also known as Ceylon, and it is now known as the Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka.

Serendip Island site

Serendip Island is located in the north of the Indian Ocean, southwest of the Bay of Bengal in the continent of Asia, separated from the Indian subcontinent by Manar Bay and the Strait of Palak. India and made it an independent island.

Sri Lanka has an area of ​​65,610 km2, 870 km2 of which is water, and its coastal circumference is 1340 km, and the island resembles a pear or water drop, and its terrain is dominated by coastal plains that surround some mountain ranges located in the east, south and west of the island, and the highest point on the island It is the Pedro Atalagala mountain, with a height of 2524 meters above sea level.

Serendip Island climate

Its climate is described as generally tropical. The island is affected by two monsoons: the seasonal winds of Yala that affect the southern and western part of the country, and the rains fall from May to the end of August, and the monsoons that affect the northern and eastern part of them, where the rains fall on them. From October to the end of January.

The average temperature in coastal areas, including about 27 degrees Celsius, and in mountainous areas about 16 degrees Celsius, and the average annual amount of rain falling between 130 cm in the northwest and 510 cm in all parts of the southwest, and because of the apparent variation in the climate of the island of Sri Lanka should It is well planned for the trip before traveling to choose the appropriate times, clothes and tools that are appropriate to the weather condition. Sri Lanka is famous for the beauty of nature in it where the tropical forests and picturesque coastal beaches also contain an important cultural heritage that made it a destination for tourists and foreigners from various countries N countries.

Language and population on Serendib Island

The island of Sri Lanka is a multi-ethnic and multi-lingual country, with a population of about nineteen million people, seventy percent of them owe Buddhism, and the rest is distributed between Islamic, Hindu, Protestant, and Catholic religion, and the Sri Lankan language and Tamil language are official languages, in addition to the language English, which is the second language in which 10% of the population speaks for tourism and commercial purposes, while Arabic is very few who speak it, especially Muslims, and there are ethnic minorities of Dutch and Portuguese origin who speak languages they.

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