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Seychelles is a republic located in the western Indian Ocean and is affiliated with the African state, consisting of a group of islands that extend over an area of ​​(455) kilometers, and its number is about 115 archipelago is characterized by its breathtaking beauty, the area exploited economically is approximately 1.4 km, and these islands are divided according to their nature Volcanic islands, which account for the largest proportion of their area extending over more than the middle of the ocean region, and the other part consists of coral islands in the lower areas of the ocean.

reason of calling

Seychelles was named after a person who was working in charge of tax collection of French origin at the time, and then it was annexed to the African country, and thus became one of its most important tourist areas.

The prevailing nature in Seychelles

The Seychelles is characterized by its central location between the islands of Mahe, Praslin and Ladigeo, which are of a rocky granite nature, which is located about 1,600 km from the Indian Ocean, from the East African coast to the northeastern part of Madagascar, while the rest of the islands are distinguished by their coral nature. The surface of the water is close to wild countries, such as Somalia, in the northwestern side of the Indian Ocean.

Main Seychelles Islands

  • Mahe Island: It occupies the largest position among islands for several reasons, including:
    • Victoria’s presence in it: it is the capital of all islands, which is the largest city on its land, is considered the smallest capital in the world, and it is the only port and the largest in the region.
    • The main island (Mahi), which has a rocky nature, is the largest cultural and economic gathering, and it is the most attractive place for tourists due to the nature of activities based on it, in addition to the nature of the beaches that are distinguished in terms of the wonderful nature, the serene calm atmosphere and the distinctive sessions.
    • The headquarters of the international airport of the capital, as it occupies an intermediate position between the rest of the islands.
  • Praslin Island and La Diego: It occupies the second place in terms of area and population density, and each of them is characterized by a rocky nature, and many activities and events that attract tourists are held on their land throughout the year.

The prevalence of Seychelles

Catholicism is considered the most prevalent in the islands, in addition to Protestant, Anglican, Islamic, Bahia and Indian, due to the population diversity that exists in it because of the migrations coming from different countries of the world, and all people of different religions live in harmony, compassion and harmony far from racism, and the region is dominated by love and tolerance.

Economic resources

Seychelles depends on its economy on trade, while the main support of the islands is tourism, as it possesses the most beautiful beaches in the world, and the pearl of the Indian Ocean is called for its beauty and stunning attractiveness that stretches across all its beaches with soft white sand and black granite rocks with a group of ancient images that resemble the ancient images of the ancient form , Which makes it the destination for all tourists in the world.


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