Shushtar Iranian city

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Shushtar Iranian city

The city is located in the southwestern part of Iran and belongs to the province of Khuzestan. It is one of the Al-Ahwazi cities that was called Tester and this name was changed to Shushtar by the Persians. It is located on a small plateau specifically at the confluence of the Karon River with one of its secondary tributaries. The city was A major commercial center in the country, and it is famous for irrigated agriculture on large areas of its land, the city includes a large number of luxury homes made of stone, and also includes catacombs called Zeer Zamin that were used as a cold shelter from the intense heat in the summer, and the city’s population reaches approximately 77,507 people.

The historic hydraulic system in the city of Shushter

The historic hydraulic system in the city is an irrigation system that distinguished the city, it is a wonderful genius artwork, the system dates back to the fifth century BC, which is the construction of two major diversion channels located on the Karun River in order to transfer water from the river, and one of these two channels, which is The Charger Canal is still present to this day as it is used to provide water for the city of Shushtar through a series of tunnels that in turn supply the windmills with water. It is a strong cliff with a picturesque appearance of water from which waterfalls flow towards the riverbed basin to reach the plain located in The southern part of the city to g Garden shepherd in the city.

Tourism in the city of Shushter

The city includes many tourist attractions that are a source of attraction for tourists, in it there are stunning landscapes of water flowing down the city, along with the castle called Chains Castle, in addition to the operating center of the hydraulic system and the tower through which the water level is measured, in addition to bridges, basins and mills.


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