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Sicily is located in the Mediterranean Sea, where it is considered an administrative autonomous region, and Sicily is located to the southwest of Italy, to the north of Libya, and to the northeast of Tunisia. Sicily is considered the largest island of all the islands of the Mediterranean Sea, with an estimated area of ​​approximately twenty-five thousand square kilometers, while its population is estimated at about five million people.

Sicily is distinguished by its strategic and distinguished location, which made it play an important and sensitive role throughout history, as it was a very important spot for trade movement in the region, as it was an integrated country until recently, as its influence was significant on Malta, Palermo and Sicily itself. . Sicily was also distinguished by its great importance at the cultural, artistic, scientific, architectural, and other levels, and perhaps the most prominent names that graduated from this region and contributed significantly to the area of ​​its competence the world Archimedes.


Sicily was known from ancient times for its arable soil, in addition to the good climate, which made it an agricultural region par excellence, where agricultural activity is considered the most important activity in this region, and from here the visitor will find a great diversity in Sicilian agricultural products, and perhaps the most prominent of these products: lemon, orange, Olives, grapes, almonds, etc. Besides the various agricultural operations, we find that there is a proliferation of livestock raising from mules, donkeys, sheep, and so on.

In addition to the distinguished agricultural activity on the island, there is also a good industrial activity. Sicily is famous for the wine industry, which is one of its most famous products, in addition to the manufacture of many other products such as chemicals, fertilizers, refined oil, canned materials, and others.

Distinguished features

Sicily contains many distinctive archaeological and tourist attractions, and their containment of this large amount of important landmarks is nothing but clear evidence of the importance that this island has acquired throughout human history, which made human civilizations successively; perhaps the most prominent of these monuments are those castles and ancient cities that spread Across the island, Sicily is a landmark of Romen, Islamic, Phoenician, Greek, and other eras.


Immigration to Sicily is relatively low compared to emigration to the rest of Italy, as job opportunities in the north of the country are better than those in the south, and this Sicilians are formed from an integrated mix of civilizations of the world, given the cultural diversity that was found on this land, and also because of its proximity From the sensitive regions of the world surrounding the Mediterranean, we have a distinct people.

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