An integrated guide to the most famous places of entertainment and shopping in the French city of Nice in addition to the most beautiful hotels and restaurants, and the city of Nice is located in the south of France on the coasts of the Mediterranean Sea located within the territory of the Côte d’Azur, this city is characterized by the beauty of its beaches and the presence of springs, which makes it one of the most attractive tourist places And among the most distinguishing features of this city is the presence of the large airport of Côte d’Azur in it, and in our article today we will talk about the most important tourist attractions in France and we will talk about the most important restaurants and markets in it.

The most famous places of tourism in Nice France:

Nice City Website:

It is located in the southern side of France, where it is located on the coasts of the Mediterranean, between each of the cities of Marseille and Genoa, and is located in the province of the Alps of Ang Bay, and this city has been classified according to the latest statistics as one of the major cities in France, and millions of tourists come to it every year. Among the economic cities in France, and contains a number of airports, banks, shops and institutions, and an area of ​​71 km2, as for the population of about 93 thousand people, according to statistics in the year 2000, and Nice is one of the most densely populated cities in France.

Tourism in Nice

Nice is one of the beautiful tourist destinations in France, as it has many beaches, and a number of the most magnificent tourist attractions that attract tourists from all over the world, besides it includes a package of the best and finest French hotels in order to provide services to the tourists coming to the city.

The best times to visit Nice are:

It is possible to visit the French city of Nice throughout the year, but the summer season, especially from June to August, is the busiest month of the year, as large numbers of tourists come to the city, and the fall season starting from September to November is considered a good time to visit This city where congestion becomes less and temperatures become milder, but in the winter from November to March is one of the ideal times to visit the city and see its features. In February, the best carnival is held in Europe in Nice, where the weather is very nice and clouds It is less However, in this season, tourism at sea becomes impossible, and in the spring from March to May is an ideal time to visit.

The most important museums in Nice:

  • Marc Chagall Museum:

This museum displays the works of artist Marc Chagall, in which he expresses everything that he was suffering from throughout his life, in a variety of works of modern art, in which his personal character is expressed, it is possible for visitors of this museum to learn about the greatness And the novelty of the work that this artist has accomplished.

  • Matisse Museum:

This museum attracts people who love fine art and who love the artworks of the artist Henri Matisse, where many timeless works of art are displayed by the French artist drowned, in addition to that a detailed presentation is presented about the life story of this artist from his birth until his death A number of personal possessions of this painter are also displayed in the museum.

  • Fine Arts Museum:

This museum includes a distinguished and varied collection of French arts belonging to Monet, Carbou, Bodine, Roud and many others, dating back to the 19th and 20th centuries, this museum is located in the former Ukrainian Princess Palace.

The most important tourist attractions in Nice:

  • Memorial :

The memorial is located close to the shores of the Mediterranean, and it is distinguished for its magnificent sea view, and it was constructed to commemorate the French soldiers who had left during the war. This memorial contains approximately 3,655 names of the martyrs of the French soldiers.

  • St. Nicholas Cathedral:

This church was built by Saint Nicholas II. One of its most distinctive features is the presence of many religious symbols and motifs.

  • Jardin Alpine Lear:

It is one of the tourist places that many tourists prefer, because it contains many trees and various gardens.

  • Lighthouse and breakwater:

It is one of the quiet places in Nice, where it is possible to go to avoid the noise and disturbance and to calm down and relax.

  • Laskar Palace:

This palace dates back to the seventeenth century, and one of its most distinctive features is its unique design that came in the Baroque style, and this palace is characterized by the presence of many artifacts within it.

  • Masina Square:

This field is located in the middle of the city, which is considered the most vital area in Nice, this field was built in 1832, and the field includes a path intended for walking alongside it contains many cafes, shops and restaurants, in addition to that it has a fountain of the sun that It becomes more beautiful and beautiful during the evening hours as the colored lights surround it.

  • Cemes Monastery:

It is one of the oldest and most famous churches in the city of Nice, and within this monastery there are a number of ancient religious paintings dating back to the fifteenth century.

  • Angeles park:

It is one of the most important tourist places that exist in the French city of Nice, as it is located along the coasts of the Mediterranean Sea at a distance of seven kilometers, and this park is intended for tourists and people of the city to enjoy the view of the sea, and to practice walking on the beach, or jogging or Riding the bikes, this park includes all the ingredients that make it an ideal place for picnics, as it has beaches and gardens and has many recreational places and a number of restaurants.

  • Vielle ville Old Town:

It is considered one of the oldest and most important tourist destinations in the city of Nice, due to the importance of this city because it is the town in which the first inhabitants of Nice lived, and this city is located down the hill, this ancient city is characterized by its wonderful architecture that dates back to the ancient history where its streets and alleys seem like a beautiful maze In addition to the colorful houses, restaurants and cafes, you can enjoy wandering in this city with friends or family, enjoy watching the historical alleys of this city and enjoy the sentences of French architecture represented in the colorful houses and other things, and from Also some of the possible discovery of archaeological sites that exist between the alleys of this ancient city, where the Palace Soares found the Church of St. Martin, and visit the Dominican Fair music and watch the most beautiful paintings.

  • Phoenix Park:

It is one of the most important and largest parks in France, as its area is about 7 hectares, and this park was opened in 1990 in February, and is located in the southwestern end of the old city of Nice in the neighborhood of Arenas, where it is located along the well-known Angels park, this park includes a large lake It consists of a number of sections, which are modern Mediterranean, the equatorial region and the zoo, in which there are many types of animals that disappear, such as pelicans, ducks, turtles, and animals found inside the cages. As it covers an area of ​​7000 square meters.
It is one of the most suitable tourist destinations for picnics of friends and families, and at the entrance to the park there is a musical fountain where visitors to the park can enjoy watching the fountains and water dancing with the rhythms of music that are played according to different programs every hour, and people who love art in all its different styles can also visit the Museum of Asian Arts Within the contents of the park where there are many Japanese and Asian cultural paintings in this museum, many artifacts are available. The park has places for children that include many different games to suit their ages. There are slides and other toys for children. Children can also get a rest and sit on wooden benches reserved for them. It is also possible for visitors to the park to sit at a nice café that has seating places in the open air, as the scenic landscape surrounds the place from everywhere.

The most important markets in Nice:

  • Flower Market Core Salia:

Zahra Core Salia Market is considered one of the popular tourist destinations known in Nice, as it is widely popular by visitors to the city and by the residents of the local city, as the shops that specialize in selling souvenirs and flowers line up next to beautiful cafes that can sit on any of them to eat A cup of coffee and enjoy the beautiful atmosphere that surrounds the place, with the freedom to eat a meal at any of the restaurants located on the side of this market.

  • JC Plant Market:

This market has all kinds of men’s clothing inside, which gives an enormous opportunity to shop and buy many stylish men’s clothes.

  • Popsy Store:

It is one of the largest stores in the city, and the most luxurious and luxurious clothing is sold.

  • Gallery Lafayette:

It is considered one of the biggest malls in the city of Nice, where all the supplies and uses of accessories, cosmetics, shoes, clothes, watches, perfumes, etc. are sold, and there are a number of cafes and restaurants inside.

  • Black Blue:

This store specializes in selling clothes made of cotton and wool.

  • Burton:

This store specializes in selling all kinds of clothes, for both women and men.

  • Black Germer:

This store specializes in selling homemade crafts and tools, and it is very cheap and considered very economical.

  • Galliard:

It is considered one of the largest places for selling perfumes, and its origin dates back to the 18th century.

Best hotels in Nice France:

And because the city of Nice is one of the most prominent tourist places in France and one of the cities that attract millions of tourists annually from all over the world, it was natural that there were many hotels to provide services to visitors and tourists, and the most important hotels of this city are the following:
Negresco Hotel, and it is considered one of the best hotels in Nice as it overlooks the beach and overlooks the Promenade des Anglais promenade, this hotel is a quarter of an hour’s walk away from the old city, as it is close to the train station, and is characterized by the quality of its services and the beauty of its view and cleanliness .

  • Boscolo Ettra Nice Hotel:

This hotel is located in the heart of the city, just ten minutes’ walk from the old city, and 700 meters from the train station, and it is considered one of the best hotels in the city.

  • Aston La Scala Hotel:

It is considered one of the best hotels in the heart of Nice, as it is just a few minutes walk away from the seashore and the old city, just a few minutes’ walk away. It is located near the lively Massena, which is located at a distance of two hundred meters.

  • Hotel de Sweden:

This hotel is located within the pedestrian zone in Nice, just a few steps away from the beach. It is close to many shops, cafes and restaurants, and is also very close to the old city.

  • Best Hotel Misterm Plus Massena:

This privileged location is located next to the famous Massena Square, where there are many cafes and restaurants in this region, and it is away from the tram station and the beachfront a five minutes walk, and 8 km from this hotel there is a bus station in order to facilitate access to the airport .

  • Hyatt Regency Nice:

It is a nice hotel in the city, and the hotel is located opposite the seashore and the promenade, as it is only a five minutes walk from the train station. This hotel is characterized by its wonderful views and the good level of food served in the hotel.

  • Boreal Nice Hotel:

This hotel is located in the city center within the pedestrian zone, where it is opposite a shopping center, and away from the cornice and the seashore is a ten minute walk, and it is close to a number of restaurants, and it is a quarter of an hour walk away from the old city.

The most famous French restaurants in Nice:

  • Chanteclar Restaurant:

It is considered one of the most famous restaurants in Nice, France. This restaurant is characterized by serving fresh and delicious dishes, especially lamb and ravioli meals.

  • Oliveira Restaurant:

This restaurant is famous for having an olive oil store inside it. Oliveira is famous for serving the most delicious and famous international food.

  • Flow Price Restaurant:

This restaurant is famous for serving seafood that has been cooked on the French way, and preparing fresh and delicious foods.

  • Restaurant or Petite Gary:

In this restaurant, many different cuisines are served, between meat and seafood, where tuna and shrimp are served, as well as meat, rabbits and all kinds of salads of various types, and other foods.

  • Johnny Restaurant:

This restaurant specializes in serving dishes inspired by one of the most famous European kitchens, Dutch cuisine.

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