The popular dining experience is one of the most important experiences that you will be very happy with during tourism tours in Istanbul, specifically the Sultanahmet area. As for the Turkish dishes, an irresistible and memorable taste and travel to Turkey without his experience is not counted, the best restaurants of Istanbul Sultanah have a special luster that they gain from the history of the region The ancient, which represents an essential link in the history of ancient Istanbul.

After a journey of searching and wandering the streets of the historical area, it will definitely attract you to a wonderful smell of barbecue stems from that place famous for being the best popular restaurant in Istanbul at all and the most famous among tourists and visitors to the region, it is Sultan Ahmed Istanbul Restaurant or as Sultan Ahmed Kuftji Restaurant is famous for one of the signs of the barbecue industry Turkish in Istanbul, and during today’s article we present to you the menu and dishes that Kofta Sultan Ahmed Restaurant is famous for, with its location among the most important landmarks and hotels of the tourist region.

Sultan Ahmed Istanbul Restaurant

The dishes that Sultan Ahmed Istanbul is known for

The Sultan Ahmed Kofta Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Istanbul Sultan Ahmed specialized in preparing Turkish and Middle Eastern grills such as kebabs, kofta and shish kebab, with appetizers, salads, hot flavors and drinks such as Ayran and Turkish tea.

Kofta Sultan Ahmed Restaurant

Sultan ahmed istanbul restaurant menu

Sultan Ahmed Restaurant offers delicious and varied local meals such as:

Grilled kofta made with veal marinated with salt and onion without spices with bread, tomato slices and hot pepper.

Mutton (ozzy) with tomato slices and hot pepper, can be ordered with white rice with ghee

Lentil soup, white bean salad with onions, peppers and tomatoes.

Semolina dessert with peanuts.

You can follow more details about prices by visiting the restaurant’s website, from Here

Sultan Ahmed Kaftaji Restaurant

Sultan Ahmed Restaurant

Sultan Ahmed Restaurant

Sultan Ahmed Restaurant

Opening hours at the Sultan Ahmed Kofta Restaurant

Everyday from 10:30 in the morning until 11:00 in the evening.

Sultan Ahmed Kuftaji Restaurant Reviews

The restaurant visitors rated it as one of the best popular restaurants in Istanbul in Sultanahmet district with a 4/5 overall rating for both food quality, level of service, prices, and ambiance.

Sultan Ahmed Restaurant

Attractions nearby

When visiting the Kofta Sultan Ahmed restaurant, you can pass some of the nearby tourist attractions that Istanbul’s historical Sultanahmet area is famous for:

The Basilica Cistern is 150 meters or a 2-minute walk, Sultanahmet Square is 280 meters or a 4-minute walk away.

The best popular restaurants in Istanbul

Hotels near the restaurant

Sultanahmet Hotel is one of the best 3-star Sultanahmet Istanbul hotels located 70 meters from the Kofta Sultanahmet Restaurant

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel is rated well thanks to the website, internet services, and staff.

Hotel reservation

Sura Hagia Sophia Hotel is one of the best 5 star Sultanahmet hotels located 130 meters from Sultan Ahmed Kuftji Restaurant

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel is rated very good thanks to the location, staff, and cleanliness.

Hotel reservation

Sultan Ahmed Restaurant website

The restaurant is located in the Fatih Istanbul area, in front of the tram station and 59 meters from the famous pastry shop Hafiz Mustafa in Sultanahmet.

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