Switzerland’s tourist cities

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It is a country located in the west of the continent of Europe, bordered on the north by Germany, on the southern side by Italy, on the western side by France, on the eastern side by Liechtenstein and Austria, and Switzerland is characterized by high mountains, charming lakes, and historical cities, with a total area of ​​41,285 km2, and a population of 7.8 million people, and provided the tourist with a single card system, through which he can travel via ships, trains, and buses, and tourism is the fourth largest sector contributing to the total income, where its income reaches nearly fifteen billion Swiss francs, and we will get to know in this article on Cities And affordable tourism.

Switzerland’s tourist cities

There are many tourist places in Switzerland, including the following:

The capital, Bern

It is the fourth largest city in Switzerland after Basel, Geneva and Zurich, and it is the seat of the Federal Parliamentary Government, and it is characterized by its heritage and historical position in the world, and it is the most famous areas in which the clock tower, the Federal Palace, the Bern Museum, the Zoo, and the Paul Kali Museum are located.


It is the current headquarters of UNICEF, the former headquarters of the United Nations, and within it there are many diverse tourist areas such as the English Garden, the International Museum of the Cross and Red Crescent, and the large theater similar to the Opera House in Paris, and it contains a fountain built in Lake Geneva, height 140 m, and the Oaks Vivis Park, The 5th century hotel de Ville.


It is the largest city in Switzerland, and overlooks the snow-capped Alps, and contains more than fifty museums, such as the Ritterburg Museum, the Kunsthaus Gallery which is one of the most important exhibitions in Switzerland, the old town, as well as the University of Zurich, and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, which received 21 graduates Including the Nobel Prize, in addition to its important sporting position, there is a football complex inside it, and the headquarters of the International Federation called FIFA.


It is located on the banks of Lake Geneva, Lake Leman, in addition to the presence of the Chilion Palace and the Chion Palace in it, as well as the summit of Rocher de Nye that has restaurants and an animal museum inside.


Lugano is surrounded on all sides by the mountains, which gives it an attractive view, and Mount Pré is the closest to it, and contains Parco Civico Ciani, in addition to that it holds the Lugano Festivals of Jazz.

St. Gallen

It is named after the Irish monk built by St. Gallen, and it is one of the largest cities in Switzerland. It occupies the seventh place among them, and contains attractive places that feature sculpted balconies, unique statues, and colorful walls.


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