Tabuk parks are among the places that tourists visit more than any other place in the city with their families and even more than markets and commercial centers. And free time. In this article, learn about the 5 most famous parks in the city to visit with your family.

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Tabuk parks the best ever

Prince Fahd bin Sultan’s Park

Although amenities like places to sit are very few in Prince Fahd Bin Sultan Park and less than other parks, Tabuk is one of the most ideal parks for families to have a good time and relax in the late afternoon and early evening. The park is suitable for visiting at any time of the year; even in the summer the temperatures are relatively light, the park has vast green areas extending over very large distances allowing visitors an opportunity to practice hiking or jogging for sports fans along the cement road path that runs along the garden. Prince Fahd bin Sultan's ParkPrince Fahd bin Sultan’s ParkPrince Fahd bin Sultan's Park
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Fountain Garden in Tabuk

The Fountain Park is one of the oldest parks in Tabuk, as it is an important tourist landmark in the city, it has been established for up to thirty years. The Fountain Park is located in the famous green island in Tabuk and is surrounded by many important buildings and possesses very large green areas which makes it suitable For various sporting activities, family activities, sitting, playing with children and recreation, it also contains amazing lakes and various trees that give a pleasant and humid atmosphere even in hot summer times.Fountain Garden in TabukFountain Garden in TabukFountain Garden in TabukFountain Garden in Tabuk

Samah Park Tabuk

Samah Park is one of the family-friendly parks in Tabuk, it is suitable for all family activities including children playing, barbecue parties in an open place and having some calm and a lot of happy times with family and friends. It is also among the oldest parks and parks. Located in Tabuk; it is famous for its shady, tall trees that families gather underneath and its beautiful fountains and has many places to park cars so that you do not worry about your car while enjoying your time.Samah Park TabukSamah Park TabukSamah Park TabukSamah Park Tabuk Read also: The best Tabuk family restaurants .. Report on the 5 best varied family restaurants in Tabuk

Women’s Waves Garden, Tabuk

Amwaj Women’s Park is one of the distinctive and unique gardens in Tabuk, as it seems from its name it is dedicated to women only, it is located in a closed building so that people get privacy and complete freedom of movement without disturbing others and infringing on their privacy. The garden contains many places to sit And cafes with distinctive views and nice decor can also be accompanied
Children, allowing family women to meet together and with children in fun women’s sessions without any restrictions, the garden is considered
A breather for women and a favorite place to stroll and enjoy more than shopping.Waves Garden, Tabuk Waves Garden, TabukWaves Garden, Tabuk Waves Garden, Tabuk

Green Land Park Tabuk

Greenland Park in Tabuk is one of the ideal and very interesting places because it contains all the amenities
Suitable for children and adults alike and all in one place. Greenland Park contains games for children and amusement parks suitable for young ages in addition to a beautiful zoo that includes
Various types of animals and birds that you will enjoy watching and feeding with your children and family, in addition to the spaces
The vast endless green that is suitable for hiking, sitting and relaxing.Green Land Park TabukGreen Land Park TabukGreen Land Park TabukGreen Land Park Tabuk

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