Galatasaray Hamam is one of the well-known Istanbul baths, which originally dates back to the mid-15th century. It was located in the Galatasaray Tower complex in the charming Taksim area of ​​Istanbul, and in one of the side streets in particular.

The current bathroom was built in 1715 AD with a classic architectural design of Turkish baths, and it was renovated in 1965 AD, and a small section for women was added during this renovation, and it has become one of the most important tourist places in Istanbul that attracts many tourists, and is one of the most visited tourism places in Turkey Especially among young people being ranked among the most tourist-friendly places in Istanbul for young people.

Activities to do in Galatasaray Hammam in Istanbul

• You and your wife can take advantage of Galatasaray’s bath services, where you are greeted in the lobby, and then to private rooms.

Galatasaray Istanbul Bath

• After you have equipped yourself to receive bathroom services, you can lie on a hot marble platform before showering, for 20 minutes.

• Then the scrub stage begins with a bath glove inside a bubble-filled marble basin under the tap, and from it return to the marble massage platform.

After the massage, you can enjoy a shower according to your desire, and then be ready to receive the services or packages that you will choose for yourself.

• Do not forget to take advantage of the Pasha service provided by the bathroom, where the stage of bagging, and then massage the oil for 45 minutes.

Galatasaray Istanbul Bath

• You can also enjoy Galatasaray’s comprehensive bath services, which include the bagging stage, bubble tub and soap massage for 20 minutes.

• Then you can move to the stage of massage services, of all kinds, which were provided specifically to meet all your needs and desires.

• After completing the services of Galatasaray Istanbul Bath, you can rest in the lobby, and have a hot or cold drink according to your preference.

After leaving the bathroom, you can enjoy a delicious meal in the city’s Istanbul restaurant, 600 meters from the bathroom.

• Then you can enjoy a tour around places close to the bath, such as Istanbul Wax Museum, Istiklal Street or the famous Galata Tower.

Galatasaray's Bath

Entrance prices to Galatasaray Bath

Bath 110 Turkish Liras, the equivalent of 18.97 USD.

Bath, scrub and bubble tub 190 TL, the equivalent of 32.77 USD.

Bath, massage and bubble tub 230 TL, equivalent to $ 39.67.

All services are 265 TL, the equivalent of 45.71 USD.

Pasha service package 390 TL, equivalent to 67.27 USD.

Opening times for Galatasaray’s bath

Daily from 7 in the morning until 10 in the evening.

The best Istanbul hotels near Galatasaray Hammam

Rixos Istanbul Hotel is one of the best Istanbul Taksim hotels, away from Galatasaray Bath, 550 meters away.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel has received great reviews about location, hygiene, staff, services, comfort.

Richmond Hotel Istanbul is one of the best Istanbul hotels Taksim Istiklal Street, 650 meters from Hammam Saray.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

Most of the Arab visitors to the hotel considered it one of the excellent hotels in Taksim in terms of location and good for food, while some commented on the limited size of the room

Hotel reservation

The bathroom site

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