Tunisia is a country of originality and originality, one of the most beautiful tourist countries that deserve a visit on the African continent, as it is distinguished by its geographical location, its view of the shores of the Mediterranean, and its various historical monuments dating back thousands of years from mosques, memorials, wonderful islands, and exquisite beaches, in addition to the monuments Modern tourism, such as malls and great entertainment places, all of which strengthened the foundations of tourism in Tunisia and made it a destination for tourists from all over the world.

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Top hotels in Tunisia

Tunisia has many distinguished hotels with great designs, diversified services and facilities, and each hotel is distinguished from the other and offers various activities and comfortable accommodation to make visitors happy. If you decide to go for tourism in Tunisia, you must search for the best Tunis hotels that we have provided for you in the next report .. Read more

Top hotels in Tunisia

The best beaches of Tunisia

Tunisia is characterized by its coastal cities and the various beaches that increase the ingredients of the natural tourism in the country. It owns many beaches of breathtaking nature, golden sand, and sandy rocks. If you are looking for the most beautiful beaches of Tunisia that are worth a visit to you these lines about the most wonderful beaches of Tunisia with the most important information on each Of which.

The beach of the gas bath

Hammam El Ghazaz Beach is considered one of the most beautiful beaches of Tunisia located in the tribal homeland and characterized by charming natural, golden sands, and clear blue water, as it is a refuge for tourists from all over the world for hiking and entertainment, you can visit the beach and enjoy swimming with friends, sitting on the sand of the beach and watching the wonderful sunset view Mixed with nature and sea water, and practice many recreational activities with friends and family.

Kelibia beach

Kelibia beach is one of the best beaches of Tunisia, it has been ranked on the world level in the seventh place as the best beaches in the world due to the purity and purity of its water, golden sands, and trees surrounding the beach, it is an integrated artistic painting that combines water, green and sand in one place and is a refuge for tourists looking for calm and relaxation In a charming natural setting.

Tunisian beaches

Sir Beach on the beach

Of the finest Tunisian beaches, located in Ghar El-Salt, Bizerte, and is characterized by the picturesque nature, the mountains planted with greenery, and the integrated seashore with facilities and services. friends.

The most beautiful beaches of Tunisia

Berkush Beach

One of the best beaches of Tunisia is located in the state of Tabarka and distinguished by the golden sands, charming nature, and rare sand rocks, and it is one of the best places to spend the weekend of the Tunisians where enjoy diving, fishing, swimming in its clear blue water, and spending the best times in an atmosphere full of joy And activity.

Tunisian beaches

Maryam Beach

Among the most famous wonderful beaches of Tunisia, it is located in the wonderful state of Sousse and features clear blue water, along with golden sand that attracts thousands to relax on it and spend quiet times, in addition to that many sports activities can be practiced through the wonderful beach of Maryam.

The most beautiful beaches in Tunisia

El Kantaoui Beach

It is one of the most beautiful beaches in Tunisia and is located in the city of Sousse also, and this beach is characterized by a charming nature and a private tranquility that made it a haven for lovers of calm and relaxation, in addition to its soft sand that shines under the summer sun in a wonderful view, and the beach includes many distinguished facilities including various restaurants and cafes.

The most beautiful beaches of Tunisia

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