The city of Hammamet is one of the most beautiful tourist cities in Tunisia, located approximately 65 km from the capital Tunis. It is famous for its charming beach and the many beach activities it includes, in addition to the presence of many resorts and high-end hotels.

The best hotels Hammamet Tunisia

The city of Hammamet includes a group of the most luxurious hotels in Tunisia, and we have collected on this tab a package of recommended hotels for Tunisia, Hammamet .. Read more

Hammamet hotels Tunisia

Tourist places in Hammamet Tunisia

In this article, we will show you the most important tourist places in Hammamet Tunisia, which we recommend visiting

Carthage Land

Carthage Land is located within the resort of Jasmine in the city of Hammamet, one of the most important tourist attractions Tunisia Hammamet, which includes recreational games, water games.

It is considered one of the amusement parks that includes entertainment styles that mimic the Carthaginian era and suit families and all ages of family members .. Read more

Tour of Carthage Land in Hammamet Tunisia

Hammamet beach

Hammamet Beach stretches along the southern and southeastern regions of Hammamet Tunisia and is one of the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean.

The beach is considered one of the most beautiful and most visited tourist areas in Hammamet Tunisia, and it is the sanctuary of the people of the city, especially during the spring and summer periods .. Read more

Hammamet beach resorts - tourism in Hammamet Tunisia

The ancient city of Hammamet

The ancient city of Hammamet is one of the most prominent and most visited tourist places in Hammamet Tunisia. The city is surrounded by walls dating back to the fifteenth century AD, and is characterized by its narrow and winding alleys that embrace a wealth of traditional Tunisian architecture .. Read more

A view of the ancient city of Hammamet in Hammamet - tourist places in Hammamet Tunisia

The Casbah

The Kasbah is one of the most important tourist attractions in Hammamet Tunisia, an ancient castle built in the thirteenth century AD, located near the coast of the city.

The castle features stunning views of the sea and the surrounding area, which include some natural lawns and old houses, and a museum that includes some historical exhibits .. Read more

View of the Kasbah in the baths

Aquapark Flipper Park

Aquapark Flipper Park is located on the coast of Tunis Hammamet, it is the largest water park and one of the most visited places in Hammamet Tunisia

The park provides visitors from the country and abroad a place to relax and play unique water sports and water sports within that region .. Read more

A view of the Aquapark Flipper Park in Hammamet Tunisia

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