Nice is one of the most beautiful cities in France, as it contains many beaches and wonderful tourist places that attract tourists from all over the world in addition to many distinct markets

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The best shopping in Nice

Shopping in Nice France is one of the most important factors that attract tourists to it as it has many wonderful and varied markets of Nice, which provide its visitors with a special pleasure in shopping

Gallery Lafayette Nice

One of the branches of the most famous department store chain in France, and as such, it is one of the best shopping centers in Nice France. It consists of 5 floors containing everything that comes to your mind from products such as high-end clothes, shoes, electronics, furniture, games and many others.
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Nice hotels near the market
Elvetic Hotel

French market of Nice

Nicetoile Mall

Nicetoile is the largest shopping center in French Nice. You can find many stores selling various products, including clothing, accessories, bags, shoes, furniture, foodstuffs, etc. in addition to many restaurants and cafes.
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France hotels near The Mall
Grand Hotel Florence

French malls of Nice

Core Salia Market

Cours Saleya market is one of the most famous French markets in Nice, and it is very popular with visitors and locals. The shops that sell flowers and souvenirs are lined up alongside beautiful cafes.

Zahra Core Salia Market is one of the best shopping places in Nice, France

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