Parc Phœnix is ​​one of the largest parks in France with an area of ​​7 hectares. It was opened in February 1990 at the southwestern end of the French city of Nice in the Arenas district along the famous Angeles park.
The park includes a large lake and consists of several sections, which are the tropical region, the Mediterranean Garden, and a zoo that contains various types of animals such as ducks, pelicans, turtles, and others located within cages.

Phoenix Park in Nice, France

The Botanical Garden in the park includes a group of greenhouses, the largest in Europe, covering an area of ​​7 thousand square meters.
The Phoenix Garden in Nice is one of the most important tourist places in France Nice, as it attracts large numbers of visitors to the city from tourists in addition to the residents of the region as it is one of the ideal places for family picnics where you can take the family and children on a wonderful picnic where you spend a full day of fun.

Activities you can do in Phoenix Park

• Walk around the section on plants, which in turn includes several sections dealing with different types of plants and get acquainted with rare types of plants. For example, you can learn about plants that existed in prehistoric times.

Phoenix Park in Nice, France

• Visit the Zoo at Phoenix Park, where you will learn about different types of animals brought from different parts of the world, such as river fox, kangaroo, hedgehog and other animals that your children will enjoy watching.

Phoenix Garden in French Nice

• Sitting close to the artificial lake near the Museum of Asian Art, this beautiful lake contains a group of swans that your children will enjoy feeding and caressing.

Phoenix Garden is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Nice, France

• Watching the musical fountain at the entrance to the park where family members, old and young, will enjoy watching the water fountains dancing with the rhythms of the music that operates according to a different program every hour.

The Phoenix Garden is one of the best places for tourism in France, Nice

• For those interested in art of different styles, you can visit the Asian Art Museum located within the park, where it displays a collection of artistic masterpieces and paintings from Asian and Japanese culture in particular.
• Take a wonderful collection of photos during your tour in the park, especially at the central fountain in the middle of the park where you can walk under the waterfall overlooking the lake and take memorial photos from this wonderful place.
• There are many places designated for children in the park that include different toys that suit them, such as slides and others. Your children can enjoy playing there while you take a rest on the nearby wooden benches.

Phoenix Park in Nice, France

• You can sit in a nice café located within the Phoenix Garden in Nice and provides outdoor seating places surrounded by beautiful scenery to get a snack or refreshing drink that gives you the activity to complete your tour

work hours:

all week days
9:30 am to 7:30 pm

Entry prices

5 euros per person
Free for children under 12 years of age
You can visit the official website of the Phoenix Garden in Nice for more information click here

Nice Garden Phoenix Hotels – Nice

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The Phoenix Garden site in Nice

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