The Romen Forum in Rome is an important center for monuments in the city of Rome, which is a rectangular square that was located in the heart of ancient Rome between the Palatine and Capulin Plateaux, in which popular celebrations and government elections were held, and an important center for public speeches and public trials.
It is distinguished by being the heart of economic and commercial life in Rome, and it is believed that the Romen Forum was the most famous meeting place in history, due to the many statues it contains that commemorate the ancient Romen men.

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The best activities you can do at the Romen Forum in Rome

• You can see the ancient buildings of ancient Rome in the Romen Forum. The forum includes the shrines and temples of the Romen Kingdom, and the old royal palace dating back to the eighth century BC.

Romen Forum Rome Italy

You can see the Vista temple dating back to the seventh century BC, all of which were rebuilt during the era of the Romen Empire and later turned into a seat for the official meetings of the Romen Republic “Cometium” where the Senate and democratic government meetings were held.

Romen Forum in Rome Italy

• The main view of the forum includes the Arch of Titus (Arco de Teto), the Temple of Saturn, the Vista Temple, and the Church of San Luca and Martina, all linked to the Sacra Way which is the main road to the forum.

Romen Forum in Italy Rome

• You will have an incredible panoramic view, and you will see the remains of historical buildings and how ancient the city of Rome was. It is indeed a place worth visiting and it is near other tourist places that are worth a visit where you can take some memorial photos, whether with family or with friends.

The times of the Romen Forum visit Rome

All days of the week from 8:30 in the morning until 6:00 in the evening.

Tickets for entry to the Romen Forum, Rome

The price of the entry card is 12 EUR
The price of the entry card for people under the age of 17 is 7.5 euros

Top hotels near the Romen Forum Rome

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The site of the Romen Forum, Rome on Google Map

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