Let us shed light on the largest water gathering in the entire Arab Gulf region, which is the Yellow Lake in the city of Al-Ahsa Asfar Lake, which was formed by the remnants of the torrential rain water to create a wonderful sight of the water in the desert bringing visitors from inside and outside the Kingdom.
The lake of Al-Asfar is about 25 kilometers long and converges around desert vegetation and weeds to increase the beauty of its scenery. This lake is a place for nature lovers and relaxation between its arms, especially since the lake area combines three elements of nature, which are water, desert and green, and is thus one of the most important features of Al-Ahsa tourism.

Lake in Al-Ahsa

Activities you can do in Al-Asfar lake in Al-Ahsa

• Staying in the arms of the magical nature of the Yellow Lake region will be an unforgettable experience for you. You can enjoy the clear view of the lake surrounded by the soft desert sands and relax a little amid the magic of nature.

Yellow Lake in Al-Ahsa

To complete the journey of meditation in the arms of nature, you can monitor the fish that inhabit the Yellow Lake, or observe the types of birds that inhabit the lake or those that fly over it, especially since the Yellow Lake is considered a resting place for migratory birds, so it may be an opportunity to see new types of birds.

Yellow Lake, the city of Al-Ahsa

• It is fun that you can take a complete picnic with friends or family to the Yellow Lake, where it combines charming nature and a fun atmosphere, and you can bring barbecue tools and do a memorable barbecue party in the nature.

Yellow Lake in Al-Ahsa city

• If you are a fan of photography, you will not find more beautiful areas like the Yellow Lake in order to capture the most wonderful pictures that highlight the beauty and charm of nature.

Yellow Lake

• You can also enjoy the sand area that surrounds the Yellow Lake and use it to play recreational games such as sand skiing or car racing.

Lake in Al-Ahsa

• If you are a fan of fishing, this is your chance. You can enjoy fishing in Lake Asfar, where it is inhabited by the delicious types of fish that are preferred by many.

Yellow Lake, Al-Ahsa, Saudi Arabia

• Children also have a share in enjoying Yellow Lake, where they can bring their own toys to play in the soft sand that surrounds the lake.

Yellow Lake

The best hotels near Al-Asfar lake in Al-Ahsa

Acacia Al-Ahsa Resort is one of the best hotels in Al-Ahsa. It is 36.1 km from Al-Asfar Lake in Al-Hasa.
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Highness Place Hotel Al-Ahsa is one of the best 5-star hotels in Saudi Arabia, Al-Ahsa, just 46.5 km from Al-Asfar Lake in Al-Ahsa.
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The hotel has received great reviews about the location, cleanliness, comfort and staff.
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Lake yellow in Al-Ahsa site

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