Istanbul includes many cheap and wonderful wholesale markets that attract many visitors from all over the world, because these markets have many different commercial goods that people need, and we will get to know the wholesale markets in Istanbul, Turkey through this article. .

Directory of the best wholesale markets in Istanbul:

First: Othman Bey Street Markets:

Osmanbey Street is one of the famous streets in Istanbul, which includes many shops that sell in bulk, and Osmanbey Street includes many different shops in which there are many different commodities, and the most important activities in the Osmanbey market are:

  • There are many wholesale stores in Othman Bey, which sell ready-to-wear clothes, as well as shops selling wholesale textiles.
  • Othman Bey Street includes many large companies, which are specialized in the field of textiles, as it includes more than fifty different companies, which have wide fame and supply their woven industries all over the world.
  • Othman Bey Street also has many shops selling cosmetics.
  • Available in Othman Bey Street, the finest and finest types of women’s and veiled women’s clothing, which differ in brands.
  • The Othman Bey wholesale market also has many shops selling ready-made clothes for men from the latest domestic and international brands.

Second: The Marter Market:

Marter Market is considered to be one of the best markets in the Turkish city of Istanbul, and it is one of the best places that attract many visitors from inside or outside of Istanbul, because this market has good prices and less than the Osmanbey market, and this is what makes many traders They go to this market to collect their items which they display in their stores after that. Among the most important activities in the Marter Wholesale Market:

  • The Marter market includes many shops, which are available in the latest Turkish fashion, and may reach more than a thousand showrooms, which are available in many forms that suit all tastes and ages.
  • The Marter Market also includes many shipping companies, which make it easy for merchants to move their belongings quickly and easily, along with customs clearance companies, which make it easier for merchants.
  • The Marter Market includes many veiled clothes as well, along with many shops that sell children’s clothing wholesale, as well as shops specializing in men’s clothing.
  • The market is characterized by the appropriate prices, and despite this, the products are of high raw materials, which attracts many traders from all over the world to go to this market and obtain the goods at an appropriate price.

Third: Lali Market:

The Lale Market is also among the most famous wholesale markets in Istanbul, where the market is located in the old city, and the most important thing that distinguishes Lale Market is that it includes many shops that sell wholesale, as well as selling by piece as per the desire of the buyer, and one of the most important activities in the market To:

  • Lalle market includes many different shops, which number in the thousands, which are wholesaling as well as retail.
  • The Lali Market has many products, including both domestic and international brands, to meet the needs of all people.
  • Lalle Market also has many shops located in the corridors of the market, which sells bags, as well as shoes made of the finest types of leather, all at a reasonable price and very cheap for the quality of the products.
  • Lali Market also includes many shops selling wedding dresses, which is one of the most important activities that the market is famous for since ancient times.
  • On the market there are many wholesale outfits for children’s, women’s and men’s clothing as well, to suit all tastes and ages.

Fourth: Al-Fateh Market:

There is also a large group of shops in the famous Fatih area in Istanbul, as it is also among the famous wholesale markets in Istanbul, and the most important activities in the Fatih Market:

  • There are many shops that include women’s clothes in Al-Fateh Market.
  • Also in Al-Fateh Market, there is a large selection of wedding and evening clothes stores, at very reasonable prices.

Fifth: Grand Bazaar Market:

There is also in the city of Istanbul Grand Bazaar Market, which includes many shops for wholesaling, and among the activities in the Grand Bazaar are:

  • The Grand Bazaar has many shops that sell gold and silver.
  • There are also many wholesale clothing stores, on Mahmoud Pasha Street, near it, which includes many clothes for women and children as well as men, along with many wonderful Turkish furnishings on the market.

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