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Directory of the best Cairo malls Cairo shopping centers are considered one of the most important facilities that must be available in any city, as it is the means to provide the needs of the residents with food needs, clothes or other necessities, and it also contributes to providing suitable places for hiking and wandering.
Especially when the talk is about the Greater Cairo City, which crowds of people flock to, perhaps daily from all parts of the Republic, and Cairo is a city full of malls and shopping centers that meet the needs of millions inside and outside Cairo.

The best Cairo malls:

Here we are in the process of reviewing a group of well-known malls scattered throughout Cairo, and we will show the most important things that distinguish them from others. The most important and famous of these malls are the following:

  • Cairo Festival City Mall

There is a mall “Cairo Festival” in the middle of Fifth Avenue in New Cairo, and it can be considered one of the most important and largest and most comprehensive malls, where you find all that you want from different needs, as well as what distinguishes it from luxury and beauty.
It has a number of major shops, in addition to IKEA, Kidzinia, Carrefour, and clothing stores with international brands, characterized by the beauty of its corridors, its capacity and its magnitude, as it is decorated by the presence of the dancing fountain and the presence of open spaces, restaurants and cafes, all of which allow the visitor an excellent opportunity to shop, roam and enjoy a wonderful time, Where its lights shine at night to reflect its luxury and paper.

  • City Stars Mall

City Stars Mall is at the top of the list of the best and most famous malls in Egypt even with the opening of many modern malls, but it maintains its distinguished position and this is due to many and many factors, including the multiplicity and diversity of restaurants and stores in which there are changes and developments in each period.
In addition to that it includes a number of restaurants, cafes, cinema, and luxury stores, as it is characterized by a very large turnout, so there is information indicating that the number of visitors reaches forty thousand visitors per day, and this, if only, indicates its excellence and quality.

  • Mall of Arabia Cairo

Mall of Arabia is located in the city of Cairo and benefits the residents of 6 October City and Zayed City, and it is one of the coolest and largest malls that have more than twenty entry gates, there are cinema and several restaurants and there is also a dancing fountain and a number of cafes, and one of the most important features that it includes the largest children’s play area in Egypt, and it is taken only after its distance from the central area of ​​Cairo, yet its magnitude and beauty make it worth the visit despite the relatively distance.

  • Sun City Mall

It is one of the best malls in Cairo, and it is one of the best malls there. Rather, it is distinguished from the rest of the malls with some advantages, for example the Sun City Mall cinema is one of the cleanest and latest cinemas. It is also characterized by the presence of a skiing area, which is unique to this mall from other malls and also contains a center Bowling, all of this makes it a privileged place among the most famous mall series.

  • Dandy Mall October

It is considered one of the best malls and it is characterized that the Carrefour Market is very large and varied as well, but it is somewhat far away.

  • City Center Mall Maadi – Carrefour

This mall does not compete with the rest of the malls, but the very nice thing about it is Carrefour and the Ford Court area.

  • I came to Harb Mall

One of the oldest malls in Cairo, which is divided into six floors in addition to the ground floor. There is a good complex on the ground floor of cafes, and the remaining six floors have shops specialized in selling youth clothes and they all go in one style.

  • El Horreya Mall Heliopolis

Freedom Mall is similar in style to Talaat Harb Mall, but it specializes in selling women’s clothes of all kinds.

  • Mall of Egypt

It is a modern mall and is characterized by its calm and elegant, it can meet all the needs of the family due to its variety of shops, good restaurants, cafes group and an ice skating area.

  • Khan Al Khalili Market

It is considered one of the most important tourist attractions in Egypt and one of the most important shopping destinations, as it includes a set of wonderful handcrafted artworks, antiques and distinctive souvenirs, as well as wooden artifacts are sold in it and a well-known café which is the Al-Feshawi Café in addition to the presence of some libraries in it, there is no doubt that it is one of the most important signs Egypt.


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