The most beautiful tourist places in Amsterdam Netherlands

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The most famous tourist places guide in Amsterdam Netherlands is a topic presented to you by the Arab travelers website to get to know the most important tourist attractions in the Dutch capital Amsterdam, which occupies an area of ​​219.32 square kilometers in the north of the country; Known as the golden age of Holland, as it was a commercial and financial center at the time, then the city expanded and grew its fame during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, as it became the country’s cultural capital, and represented a factor to attract a huge number of tourists annually to enrich its unique tourist attractions.

Tourism in Amsterdam Netherlands

Dam Square:

  • It is located in the center of Amsterdam.
  • It includes many famous sights and shopping centers.
  • The National Monument is located in the middle of it.
  • It holds many musical, theatrical, and acrobatic performances by the city’s most famous bands.
  • It is the center of many national celebrations, such as the celebration of the Dutch Anniversary held on the fourth of May every year.
  • Birds gather in their yard in a fun scene.

Royal palace

  • It is in Dam Square.
  • Designed by architect Jacob Van Kampen Icon of Amsterdam City Hall.
  • It is distinguished by its classic pillars.
  • It was built in the period from 1648 to 1665 CE.
  • It was the seat of rule for Louis Bonaparte, Napoleon’s brother, Bonaparte, who was king of the Netherlands during the period of Napoleon’s conquests.
  • Of the three palaces at the disposal of the monarch.
  • It is currently used as a headquarters for the reception of presidents and ambassadors, in addition to being used to hold the inauguration of the new king and honoring ceremonies, and celebrate the New Year.
  • Available to receive visitors, as it is one of the most famous tourist attractions in the Netherlands.

The Jordan neighborhood

  • It was built in the seventeenth century, and many workers and peasants lived in it at the time.
  • It includes many old houses and picturesque water channels, as well as many shops, restaurants, and cafes.
  • One of his most important homes is the home of Anne Frank, who has now turned into a museum. It is important because he was hidden for two years during World War II, and the museum includes many photographs and documents documenting that period.
  • Café Kreis is the oldest café in the neighborhood.
  • It provides the opportunity to buy distinctive local Dutch products, in addition to international products; the most distinctive products are clothing, jewelry, candy, and Dutch cheese.

Montelbanstein Tower

  • It was built in 1516AD as a defense of the city.
  • It was also used as a gathering center for sailors.
  • Thanks to Hendrick de Keyser, the upper part of his design.
  • It is located on the bank of the Oudeschans Channel.

Artis Zoo

  • It is the oldest zoo in the country, founded more than a century ago.
  • It includes twenty seven historic buildings.
  • A library, an aquarium, and the Leiden and Kalen building are to the right of the main entrance; they were built in the mid-nineteenth century.
  • It includes the Wolf House and Masman House Garden, which were built prior to the establishment of the park.
  • It provides an opportunity to see young animals such as: elephant, grizzly wolf and jaguar, in addition to seeing a huge number of animals, reptiles, and birds.
  • It includes a distinctive stone façade called dreams, characterized by the presence of a small waterfall at its end.
  • It has a microbial museum dedicated to displaying microbes.
  • It contains Café de Plantage, known for its privileged location among sycamore trees, and its sunny, 19th-century woody lounge.
  • There are many night activities during the summer, and these activities include workshops for children, musical performances, in addition to various lectures on plants and microorganisms.

Maggiore Bruges Bridge

  • It is also called a narrow bridge, because at first it was so narrow that it couldn’t accommodate two bystanders.
  • It overlooks the Amstel in the center of Amsterdam, as it connects the two banks of the river.
  • It was first built in the seventeenth century.
  • It contained thirteen brackets; however, they dominated only nine by two hundred years.
  • The bridge was built in its current state in 1934 AD.
  • The use of the bridge was restricted to pedestrians and cyclists starting in 2003.

Wax Museum

  • It is one of the most famous wax museums globally.
  • It has branches in London, Hollywood, Washington, Berlin, Las Vegas, New York, Hong Kong and Shanghai.
  • It is also called the Madame Tussauds Museum Amsterdam because of the name of its institution.
  • Accurate statues include details of the most famous personalities around the world, and more statues are added annually.

Hortus Botanics Park

  • One of the most important botanical gardens in the world.
  • It was built in 1638AD with the aim of planting important herbs for the pharmaceutical industry.
  • It contains a huge number of tropical trees.
  • It has many conference and banquet halls, as well as many cafes.
  • It includes more than six thousand species of trees, as well as a large number of plants used in the manufacture of medicines.

Vondel Park

  • It is the largest city park in Amsterdam.
  • Nearly ten million visitors visit it annually.
  • It was opened in 1856 AD.
  • Rich with trees, picturesque flowers, and charming lakes.
  • There are many varied events.
  • It includes a number of playgrounds for children, so it is one of the best places for family trips.
  • It has many restaurants and cafes.

Maritime Museum

  • It is an exhibition of the history of Dutch navigation in the North Sea region. It also documents the Dutch adventures as they crossed the East.
  • It is the prime location for Prime Minister’s business meetings, and many private parties are held.
  • Includes the old Dutch fleet; in addition to many tools of sailors at the time.
  • It has a distinctive souvenir shop.
  • It includes a library rich in scientific books and photographs of the ancient Dutch sailors.
  • Rick’s Museum

  • It was built in the year 1809 AD.
  • It includes a large number of rare sculptures and medieval crafts, as well as many Dutch paintings and artifacts.
  • It also includes a private library containing thousands of books on Dutch history, as well as a large number of ancient stamps.
  • A million visitors visit it annually.
  • It has many permanent exhibitions, as well as many temporary exhibitions.
  • At its entrance there are a number of souvenir shops.
  • It holds educational workshops for children to teach them the arts.

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