The best countries for honeymoon

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Paris is the capital of the state of France, one of the cities that enjoy a mixture of history and culture that makes it at the forefront of tourist places in the world, and it is a romantic city where many married couples spend their honeymoon, as well as many lovers of music, arts, and fashion, and has among its lands tourist places Various such as: Notre Dame Castle, Louvre Museum, Basilique de Sacre Coeur, Eiffel Tower, Pompidou Center, Les Invalides and Orsay Museum, as well as on the banks of the Seine River which was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1991 AD.


The state of Kerala located in the state of India is one of the places that attract visitors to spend their honeymoon, as it contains picturesque beaches such as Kovalam Beach which is preferred by tourists, and also contains the wonderful Munnar Hills that owns tea plantations on its outskirts and contains the highest peak in India as well.

the moldive Islands

The Maldives is an attractive tourist destination for honeymooners, as it has a picturesque natural environment represented by its clear blue water that is adorned by many diverse marine neighborhoods such as colorful fish, exotic marine creatures, and diverse water plants, which are covered by sunset that reflect the white color of the beaches that move Grains are a breeze from the fresh air, and visitors can enjoy honeymoons to see how to make boats in the Maldives. It also provides many varieties of foods that satisfy all tastes, especially for fresh seafood lovers. T Maldives on a variety of tourist places like the National Museum and many markets such as the fish market and the local market, as the Maldives offers many accommodation to suit all segments of society, depending on the budget when couples visit.


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