Cairo is not just about being a place to learn about the history of Egypt where; museums, and historical places. The capital contains many recreational places that suit everyone’s tastes, including amusement parks, circus shows, horseback riding, and skiing, as well as enjoying the charming nature of the city, where the wonderful atmosphere and breathtaking view of the Nile.

Learn about the entertainment spots in Cairo..The fun, the most memorable time

Lion Village

One of the most important entertainment places in Cairo and a special pleasure for all ages. The village of Al-Assad holds secret shows for tigers, lions, and horses, as well as live aerobic shows. The village also contains a small garden that includes various types of birds, fish, and reptiles along with other animals such as camels, monkeys, snakes, and llamas. There is also a food court that serves; traditional delicacies such as mushrooms, roasted lamb, roasted goat meat next to ostrich dishes, and gazelle served on request. Ticket price: for the circus; ten pounds per person inside a group, and the price of the food is only on request. As for the garden, it is free to enter. Address: Kilo fifty-nine, Alexandria Desert Road.Lion VillageLion Village

Africa Safari Park

The first open garden in Egypt that provides a jungle environment that enables visitors and residents of Cairo to enjoy the wildlife experience amid lions, tigers, kangaroos, llamas, monkeys, bears, chimps, and hippos beside birds, fish, and reptiles with a lake, and a number of small islands , Vast green spaces, and a waterfall. There is an African-style restaurant serving; the finest grilled dishes with African music complement the atmosphere. This makes it among the best entertainment spots in Cairo. Don’t forget to bring your own fishing hook, as the lake has a lot of fish, so you can go fishing as you like. Ticket price: four hundred pounds for the car, regardless of the people in it. Address: Kilo ninety-nine, Alexandria Desert Road.Africa Safari ParkAfrica Safari Park

Genena Mall

Genena Mall contains a huge ski hall, especially for adults and children, allowing you to enjoy your time however you like, with a number of restaurants and cafes that offer different types of food, sweets, ice cream, and drinks. Address: Nine Al Batrawi Street, Abbas Al Akkad, Nasr City, Cairo.Genena MallGenena Mall

El-Reef El-Araby Horses Village

A distinctive village built in the traditional style, with mud-brick buildings, vast green areas, tall palm trees, and clay ovens that make you experience the traditional Egyptian life, downtown, therefore; it is located among the best entertainment places in Cairo. There are also skirts, horse dance, And traditional music that is played continuously, as you can watch the way to bake breaded mushrooms, and farm life in the traditional oven with its delicious aroma that makes you feel like in the authentic countryside of Egypt. There is also a water pool, and you can enjoy a memorable horse tour. Ticket price: seventy-five pounds from Sunday to Thursday, and a hundred pounds on Fridays and Saturdays. Address: Mariouteya, Giza, Cairo.El-Reef El-Araby Horses VillageEl-Reef El-Araby Horses Village

Dream park

The most places where you feel the flow of adrenaline, and is one of the largest amusement parks in the Middle East. It contains an infinite number of games, stores, and restaurants, which makes it a great place to spend an unforgettable fun time. Ticket price: One hundred pounds allows you to ride an infinite number of games, with only seven games. Address: Oasis Road, Cairo.Dream parkDream park

Ma’adi Island

They are several small islands located in the middle of the Nile, and connected to each other by wooden bridges. It contains a special area for children, green spaces where you can enjoy calm, and charming views while eating dinner, and you can also enjoy calf riding and hiking. Ticket price: ten pounds. Address: Corniche El Nil, Maadi, Cairo.Ma’adi Island Ma’adi Island

The National Circus

Another great entertainment destination that holds a number of special offers for tigers, lions, and horses along with live aerobic shows, and funny clown shows. These shows are held from seven until nine thirty in the evening, all days of the week except Wednesday. Ticket price: the price of the ticket varies according to the degree that you sit In it, the maximum price reaches seventy five pounds. Address: Nile Street, Agouza, Cairo.The National CircusThe National Circus

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