A guide to the best hotels in Seville, Spain. Recommended to stay in. Spain enjoys being a major tourist attraction around the world. In Spain, there is the impact, and it has the distinctive architecture, and the Spanish culture, whose heritage prints a civilization in all members of Spanish society, and all media and community institutions that are there, and here is an article from Arab travelers on the most famous Seville hotels.


  • Seville is located in southern Spain, and was formerly known as Homs, due to the descent of the Levant soldiers for the first time.
  • Seville is located on the Grand Canyon, and is considered the fourth largest metropolitan area in Spain.
  • Winters in Seville are mild, and summers are very hot.
  • Seville is famous for the Giralda Lighthouse, which was built by the order of Sultan Abu Yusuf Yaqoub Al-Mansur Almohad, as well as the Seville Cathedral, which is considered one of the largest medieval cathedrals, the University of Seville, and the Gold Tower.

Best hotels in Seville

  • Hotel AMI Catedral

It is located in the Cusco Antiguo area, and has an attractive view. It is 60 meters from Giralda. It features a private rooftop pool, a spa resort, a sauna, a terrace that in the spring turns into a restaurant, as well as modern rooms with classic architectural design.

  • Hotel Silken Al-Andalus Palace

The hotel is located in the famous city of Heliopolis, a 5-minute drive from Spain Square. The hotel offers a beauty salon, seasonal pool and gymnasium. It also has green spaces to relax. The hotel also has a restaurant and café, and its rooms are characterized by wide areas, and they are air-conditioned, And integrated requirements for accommodation.

  • Hotel Notch de Triana

The hotel is located in Seville’s Triana neighborhood, which is a quarter of an hour from the city’s cathedral. The hotel features rooms featuring the traditional architectural style of Seville, and a backyard blossoming with plants.

  • Hotel Don Baku

It is located 10 minutes from the bell tower, and from the cathedral. The hotel has a rooftop swimming pool, a sunbathing terrace and eating fresh juices. The rooms are rich in everything required for accommodation. The hotel has a restaurant. Guests are also able to rent trip cars or bicycles. Through the tour desk, there is a parking lot close to the hotel.

Seville’s finest hotels

  • Hotel Alfonso XIII

It is close to the historic Santa Cruz neighborhood, 300 meters from Seville Cathedral and Giralda, and includes a courtyard mediated by a fountain, a large pool, and a gymnasium. Services that hotel guests need, and the hotel also has a restaurant and terrace for eating and drinking.

  • Hotel Gran Melia Colon

The hotel is simple, and it is characterized by simple modern spirit, and it has all the necessary means and amenities to stay in a hotel.

  • Hotel The Alcazar

The hotel, which is characterized by calm and sophistication, helps in the tours, in addition to having all the services needed by the hotel inn, and also has a car park.

  • Hotel Becker

The hotel has a rooftop pool, terrace and restaurant for favorite food and drink. The hotel looks simple and has the necessary services needed to stay on vacation in Seville.

  • Hotel Englera

The hotel has a parking space, a roof terrace, and there is room service, and all the details that make for a comfortable stay in a hotel such as Englatera.

  • Hotel Palacio

It is located near the historic Santa Cruz area, and features an elegant oriental design, and is a testimony of excellence in cleanliness and distinguished staff.

  • Hotel Amadeus

It has musical instruments that the hostel can try and play, and has traditional Spanish decorations, and a large balcony to monitor the atmosphere and have breakfast. The level of service in the hotel is highly professional and efficient, and it gives the appropriate opportunity for job interviews.

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