Bratislava cannot be left without enjoying one of the most important and best tourist activities; shopping. Markets and commercial centers are spread in the Slovak capital, and do not depart much from the most prominent and important landmarks. Markets open their doors throughout the twenty-four hours. What you need, and what you want, you’ll find it – from fashion to sports, jewelry, electronics and interior design. Cinemas, restaurants, cafes, and groceries.

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The best markets in Bratislava


One of the best markets in Bratislava. It is a short distance from the city center. It can be reached by traversing the UFO Bridge, which takes fifteen minutes. It includes two hundred and fifty shops spread over two floors, twenty-five restaurants and a café, which offers delicious cuisine and flavors. Next to it is the Yanko Kral Park, which includes a playground where; children can have fun.

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One of the most attractive markets for tourists, and locals alike. It is located opposite the Danube River, where you can enjoy a wonderful view. The Eurovia Market is not only shopping, but also the most luxurious and elegant hotels. To enjoy luxury and luxury while shopping.


It is located in the city center, and is considered the newest market in Bratislava and the best malls. It includes one hundred and fifty stores; it includes some brands that cannot be found in any other market. Surrounded by traffic congestion due to its location, therefore, it is better to take public transportation which will take; Ten minutes at most.

Polus City Center

The first commercial market to be built in Slovakia, with 170 stores.
Offering various commodities, and the purchases you need. It is close to the wonderful Kushajeda Lake, where you can enjoy a short walk in the pleasant atmosphere of the city. It is best to use public transportation to reach Paul City Center. It takes 10 to 15 minutes to reach your destination. .

Avion Shopping Park

The Avion Shopping Park has a hundred and sixty stores; catering to all needs, and catering to different tastes. Also includes an ice skating rink, and a designated area for children. You can leave your children in it to enjoy shopping; it includes two professional children seated, so you will not feel anxious. The airport, which can be reached by taking a train, which takes twenty to thirty minutes to reach it.

Bory Mall

One of the newest markets in Bratislava. It is located in the neighborhood of Lamsa, away from the city center. It is a suitable destination to enjoy with family and children. It takes twenty to thirty minutes by train.


The Quebec market differs from other Bratislava markets, as it includes a variety of luxury, upscale brands that you will not find anywhere in the Bratislava markets. If you want to pamper yourself and enjoy shopping, head to it.

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