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Trabzon is one of the most important tourist cities in Turkey, and one of the largest in the Black Sea region, and is characterized by its picturesque nature. All natural beauty elements such as: mountains, seas, lakes, and forests meet, in addition to the presence of Ottoman and historical monuments in it, which is simply what everyone desires Looking for a simple life between forests and countryside.

Trabzon is characterized by its large area, and it contains the basics of life for the ordinary non-tourist, from schools, shopping for clothes, homemade food and many other necessities of life, so those who live in Trabzon will have the advantages of a different aesthetic and residential area. In this article, we will give you the most important advice that the person who wants to live and live in Trabzon needs.

Trabzon Province

Trabzon is divided into eighteen cities, namely:

  • Central Trabzon.
  • Discoveries.
  • I will see you.
  • Arsene.
  • Bishikduzu.
  • Sharpachepy.
  • Chaikara.
  • Dernik Pazary.
  • Dozkoy.
  • Haierat.
  • Cuprobashi.
  • Machka.
  • Of.
  • Pazari shawl.
  • Sormini.
  • Tonya.
  • Fake Vikyber.
  • Yomra.

Housing in Trabzon

The American Forbes magazine published a study showing the best cities in every country to live and work, and the study showed that Trabzon is the best Turkish city that provides these properties, as it outperformed other cities in several areas, including dependence on self-income sources, social relations, in addition to green spaces compared to Population.

Through all these attributes, Trabzon Province attracted many Arab investors, who immigrated to this region, and established a number of investment projects, such as residential apartments, restaurants that offer Arabic food and sweets, and these projects have also become a source of income for the local population, and Arab expatriates, or Who are looking for job opportunities when leaving this province.

One of the most important things to know when living in any region in Turkey, especially in Trabzon, is to get away from the city center if one wants to live in areas that are not expensive to live in. If he wants to live in the city center, this will require spending a greater amount of money for rent, electricity. And transportation, so the best place to live is determined by one’s own, according to his own budget, and regardless of which city he chooses, the entire Trabzon district contains green nature, beautiful and touristic places.

Average rental rates are low in Trabzon compared to other Turkish cities such as Istanbul and Ankara, and the prices of goods and clothes are lower than most Turkish cities, and apartments for rent have beautiful views of the Black Sea, which gives a feeling of comfort and relaxation by simply being at home, and it is advisable for the traveler to choose the apartment He wants to live in it through the private websites that allow the person to communicate directly with the owner of the house, and to agree on all terms of housing and rent, and then start the residence measures from papers and transactions on the official websites Turkish.


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