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Jeddah waterfront

Jeddah Corniche is considered one of the distinctive tourist places in Jeddah, where families and groups of friends flock to it to make barbecues, or to walk on it, or enjoy the sea breeze, and it is reported that this waterfront was rebuilt in the year 2020 AD, and it stretches over a distance of 730,000 kilometers from the beaches It also includes parks, mosques, and resorts, and it is noteworthy that Jeddah was an important sea port, as its ports were crowded over time, and therefore it was known as the bride of the Red Sea.

Floating mosque

The floating mosque in Jeddah represents a distinctive tourist landmark in Jeddah, where millions of visitors visit it every year, and this mosque is known as the Fatima Zahra Mosque, and this beautiful white mosque was built on pillars rooted under the water, so it seems that it floats on the sea, and the mosque opens its doors to all Visitors; it is a place of prayer, as tourists can enter it to take pictures, or take a look inside the mosque, it is called the Mercy Mosque, and it is located in the north of Jeddah, and it is characterized by its interior architecture with modern and Andalusian classic styles, and there is a beautiful dome in the middle of it with a ring of stained glass, and when The sun rises looking like Floating title as well.

Impact exhibition

Athar Gallery represents an advanced art scene in Jeddah, and therefore it is a place worth visiting, as it is one of the leading art spaces in the city, and it hosts photo galleries, montage, drawings, texts, sculptures, abstract works, etc., and therefore it is a great platform for Saudi artists And the Arabs.

Other tourist places in Jeddah

Jeddah includes many other tourist places, including the following:

  • Nassif House: It is one of the finest old houses in the city, and he belonged to one of the wealthiest commercial families in the city, and later became a royal residence for King Abdulaziz.
  • Al-Shafei Mosque: It is considered the finest mosque in the city, and its name derives from the name of one of the four great imams of the Sunnis, and its construction dates back to the sixteenth century.
  • Matbouli House Museum: It is owned by the private sector, and it consists of three floors.
  • Bab Makkah: The historic Mecca Gate was the most important gate to the city of Jeddah, and it is the official port for pilgrims in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where it is located at the beginning of the road that led to the holiest city in Islam, during which billions of pilgrims passed through in the past fourteen centuries.
  • King Fahad’s fountain: Known as the Jeddah Fountain, this fountain is built on the coast of the sea, and its history dates back more than three decades and can be seen from most places in Jeddah, and it is equipped with hundreds of lighting units that are lit at night.
  • Jeddah Old Wall: This wall was built to protect the city from external aggressions.

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