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State Morocco

The country of Morocco is considered to be one of the countries of the African continent, and it is located geographically in the far northwestern part of it. It is officially known as the Kingdom of Morocco, its capital is the city of Rabat, and its system of government is a constitutional monarchy. It is divided administratively into 62 governorates and 16 regions, and its national motto is “God, the nation, the king”.

Landmarks of the State of Morocco

Here are a number of highlights of the prominent country of Morocco:

  • Ali bin Youssef School: It is considered one of the most famous built schools in the state, as it was built in the year 1346 AD, and it was a major center for the graduation of writers and scholars, and was distinguished throughout history by teaching diverse sciences, but today it has become a tourist attraction highlighting the prosperity of the civilization of Morocco.
  • Hassan Tower: It is located in the capital city of Rabat. It was built during the rule of the Almohads, specifically the days of the rule of Jacob Mansour between the year 1197 and the year 1198 AD, and it was placed on the list of the UNESCO World Heritage in the year 1995 AD.
  • Majorelle Garden: It was named after the French artist Jacques Majorelle, and it is one of the most beautiful and most attractive Moroccan gardens for tourists, as it is characterized by its delicate design, its mixture of nature and colors, and the presence of many rare and diverse plants in it.
  • Al-Qarawiyyin Mosque: It is considered the first mosque built in the city of Fez, and it was built in the year 859 AD by Fatima Al-Fehriya.
  • Tsuquine House: He gives a presentation on the history of Morocco in general, and the history of the city of Marrakech in particular, and it is distinguished by its inclusion of many rare artifacts.
  • Koutoubia Mosque: It is one of the largest mosques built in Morocco, was built in the year 1150 AD, and is characterized by its height of 65 meters.
  • Marrakech Market: It is one of the richest markets in Morocco, as it contains many types of cheap and valuable holdings, and is characterized by its Moroccan character, its strategic location, and its loud atmosphere of Moroccan music.
  • Bahia Palace: It is one of the most prominent historical monuments constructed in Morocco, as it was built during the days of the rule of the Alevi state in the nineteenth century AD, and it is characterized by the inclusion of royal wings, halls and gardens, and the inscription of wood.
  • The prophet of Moulay Abd El Salam: It is a green oasis far from the streets of Marrakesh and the hustle and bustle of the markets, and is characterized by being quiet, comfortable, and a large area, in addition to containing the Institute and Museum of Spiritual Art.

Other parameters

Find out more dependents of the country of Morocco:

  • Ali Bin Youssef Institute and Mosque: It is considered one of the largest institutes built on the northern side of the African continent, and the oldest school in teaching the improvement of the Qur’an, and is characterized by its polished square in marble, alabaster, and timber.
  • Al-Kutbiyya Mosque: It is considered one of the most important and most important mosques built in the Arab Maghreb, as it swallows an area of ​​5300 m 2, and includes 17 internal pavilions, 11 engraved dome, and is characterized by its motorized platform, and its ornate minaret.
  • Minara Gardens: It was in the twelfth century AD palm groves and olives.
  • Royal Golf Club: Established in the year 1933 AD in the city of Marrakech, it is considered an international center for golf, as it was established in accordance with international standards for golf.

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