What is the capital of Pakistan

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Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan

Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan, and it is considered one of the oldest sites of human settlement in Asia, as it is one of the oldest sites that contain antiquities dating back to the Stone Age, and dates back to more than 500,000 years, in addition to pottery and utensils dating back to pre-prehistoric times. History, in addition to artifacts and human skulls dating back to 5000 BC.
Several large armies were formed led by Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, Timur, and Ahmed Shah Durrani to conquer the Indian subcontinent via Islamabad as a major corridor, and the British took control of the region in 1849, and the largest camps were built within the regions of Asia. Pakistan gained independence in 1947, and its first capital was Karachi, and in 1960, Islamabad was built as a modern capital in which the most important headquarters such as the army headquarters are located in Rawalpindi, as well as the closest to the disputed territories of Kashmir in the north, and in 1958 AD a committee was formed to determine A suitable location for national capital, with a particular focus on location, climate and logistical services.
Islamabad is located on the edge of the Potohar Plateau at the foot of Margala Hills, with an area of ​​120.00 square kilometers, and at an altitude of 507 meters. It is surrounded by several cities such as Mori, Kotli, Haripur, Kahuta, Taxila, Attock, Gujar Khan, Rawat, and Rawalpindi.

The climate of Islamabad

Islamabad’s climate is semi-tropical and humid, characterized by hot summers accompanied by monsoons, and mild and humid winters. The period between the months of May and July, the hottest months may reach 38 degrees Celsius, and the monsoon season extends between July and September, and may be accompanied by amounts of rain Heavy rain and thunderstorms. As for the winter in Islamabad, it extends between October and March, with snow, with temperatures as high as -4 degrees.

Landmarks in Islamabad

Among the landmarks of the city of Islamabad are:

  • Shah Faisal Mosque: It is the most beautiful and largest mosque in Pakistan, it was named by this name in relation to one of the former kings of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and it is Faisal bin Abdul Aziz who funded the construction of this mosque.
  • Taxila Museum contains 4,000 pieces of plaster, clay, silver, gold, iron, semi-precious stones, and some objects belonging to Buddhists and Hindus.
  • The Margala Hills, which is located to the northeast of Islamabad, is a beautiful region characterized by its beautiful mountains suitable for climbing.
  • Islamabad Zoo.
  • Japanese Garden.


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